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The place where we tell you what to think and you accept it at face value with no back talk. (Thanks MST3K!)

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Skeeter Net: A Fansite for Actor Skeet Ulrich
Laurel's Tape Trading Jamboree
The Spectral Eye
      -Sailormoon Dark Book of Lost Writings
      -Cross to Bear: A Miracles Fanfic Archive
      -Brokeback Mothman: Miracles/SPN and Supernatural Fic
      -She Just Wanted to Be Heard: The Ring Fanfic
**Operation Space Nut**
      -You know you've been watching too much Sid & Marty Krofft when...
On the Subject of Me
      -The Texacon
Paranormal Activity Screencaps

Wings Under Construction
Board Rooms that will be coming... sometime...

Methane Girl
Choose Your Own Goddamn Adventure
Danger Island retrospective
Life on the Prairie was Hard...
Little Spawn on the Prairie
An archive of back issues of "Demented"
Clarissa, with Art by Nancy


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