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This page features fanfic for the TV shows Supernatural and Miracles. Some of the stories are cross-overs. Some have adult content, so please pay attention to the rating and warning included with each story. You will need the font MotifScriptSSK to see this page correctly. (Just for the record, this font has no apostrophe, so I just left them out of any title that has one.)

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Dean/Paul Fic

The following stories are cross-overs of the tv shows Supernatural and Miracles. They feature the slash pairing of Dean Winchester/Paul Callan.

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Stories by Laurel (Sailorhathor)

Fate is an Engineer
Rated Adult 17+. After being hypnotized and finding out he was attacked by a supernatural being, Paul Callan is balancing on the edge. A twist of fate crosses his path with a fellow investigator of the weird and strange, Dean Winchester, who is looking for his missing brother, Sam. But as they will soon find out, that twist of fate was engineered for reasons they could never imagine.
Part 1: On the Edge || Part 2: These Hands || Part 3: Methods || Part 4: Winchester Pride || Part 5: Endpapers

Fate is an Engineer: The Lost Scenes
Rated a Hard Adult to Adult 17+. Missing scenes from my previous story, Fate is an Engineer. Sam takes a stand against the Mothman, while Dean and Paul spend the next morning doing laundry the metrosexual way.

A Distant Voice in the Darkness
Parental supervision suggested for children under 13. Dean and Sam head back to Vermont to try to pick up the Mothman's trail, while Paul deals with his haunted apartment. People brush past each other, so close by, but all just out of reach.

Pavlovian Dog
Rated Adult17+. After having a strange dream about his role in the Apocalypse, Dean can't sleep, and can't stop thinking about Paul Callan. What he does about it proves that Dean Winchester may just be too much for Paul to handle.

Orange-Flavored Kiss
Parental supervision suggested for children under 13. A ficlette in which Dean dreams of sharing an orange with Paul. Oranges are juicy.

Rated Adult17+. Dean and Sam return to Boston, and Dean tells Paul a secret that may end their relationship. Buckets of hurt/comfort.
From now on, if you'd like to read the edited version of any Adult17+ fics, please visit them on Fanfiction.Net.

The Darkness, It Wants
Rated Adult. In early 2003, Chad Goodwell murdered five people because the voice of God told him to. Sam's visions finally reveal the truth of how the 19-year-old college student was manipulated into destroying so many lives, and who was really behind it all.

No One Mourns the Wicked
Rated Adult17+. Miracles/Supernatural/Scream, multiple pairings. Dean realizes that the resemblance between Paul and Billy Loomis is significant to the coming Apocalypse, so he tells SQ about the relationship he had with him in 1995, and how he tried to save Billy from his downward spiral into infamy.
|| Chp 1: A Nightmare on Elm Street || Chp 2: When a Stranger Calls || Chp 3: Happy Birthday to Me || Chp 4: The Little Girl who Lives Down the Lane || Chp 5: What Lies Beneath || Chp 6: Tales from the Darkside || Chp 7: Fatal Attraction || Chp 8: The Serpent and the Rainbow || Chp 9: The Hills Have Eyes || Chp 10: Creepshow || Chp 11: The Watcher in the Woods || Chp 12: Phantasm || Chp 13: American Psycho || Chp 14: The Omen || Chp 15: Stir of Echoes ||

Beloved Sin
Rated Adult. Miracles/Supernatural, Dean/Paul, Ruby/Mr. Friendly. The Relic must die.

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Stories by Emma DeMarais

Orange-Flavored Kiss (The Juicy Remix)
Adult Supervision Suggested for children under 13. Any sleep without nightmares is good sleep. Really good sleep? Has dreams. Remix of Laurel's story "Orange-Flavored Kiss."

Imaginary Reality
Adult Supervision Suggested for children under 13. Dean's dreams may not be real, but the man in them is.

Pavlovian Dog (The Operant Conditioning Remix)
Parental supervision suggested for children under 13. Paul taps into his empathic connection to Dean during phone sex. Remix of Laurel's story "Pavlovian Dog."

Black and Chrome
Rated Adult. Dean dreams of two of his favorite things: Paul and the Impala.

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Stories by elynross

Fallen Creatures
Rated Adult17+. Hennas Crossing is a sinister place, filled with unfriendly people with questionable motives. On the way to help an old friend of Poppi's, Paul makes a new friend of his own, someone both attractive and disturbing, and together they try to solve the puzzle of Hennas Crossing. Pre-series.

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Stories by Heather L.

Reach Out and Touch Someone
Rated Adult17+. Dean Winchester is brooding. Paul wants to help him out of his funk.

Dirty Trick
Rated Adult17+. Paul plays an erotic version of the "I'm not touching you" game with Dean. From several states away. A sequel to "Reach Out and Touch Someone."

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Stories by Kaija West

Working Vacation
Rated Adult17+. When you live the nomadic life of a hunter, you take comfort where you can get it.

Little Favor
Rated Adult17+. Paul has a special message for a rabid Dean/Paul 'shipper, and will do whatever it takes to get Dean to deliver that message. Written for Laurel for her birthday.

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Stories by Melody

Succulent (The Orchard of Dreams Remix)
Parental Supervision Suggested for children under 13. Remix of Laurel's story "Orange-Flavored Kiss."

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Stories by Meredevachon

Left at Albuquerque
Rated Adult. Turning left instead of right can make all the difference in the world sometimes, and sometimes fate makes that decision for you. Written for Laurel's request of Dean/Paul and the prompt line: Sometimes people surprise you. An AU sequel to "Fate is an Engineer," linked above.

Afternoon Delight
Rated Adult. In an effort to loosen Paul up, Dean takes him out to a strip club and buys him a lap dance as a surprise. Written for Laurel's request.

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Plastic Dashboard Jesus

Plastic Dashboard Jesus: Another SPN/Miracles Alternate Universe. Describing this universe too much would spoil the first story, but I will say that it mixes these two worlds together in a way you might never have thought of. Written by Laurel (Sailorhathor). Lyric Credits

The Generation of 1954
Rated Adult for violence, language, brief non-con, and gore. AU. John Winchester, Mary Campbell, and Theresa Callan are all members of the Yellow-Eyed Demon's generation of 1954. What will happen when they, along with the other chosen psychics, are pitted against each other in Cold Oak?
|| Chp 1: Cold Oak || Chp 2: Taet || Chp 3: Talons || Epilogue ||

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Supernatural Fic

Good Guys Don't Always Wear White. Supernatural Gen fic written by Laurel (Sailorhathor). Lyric Credits

Hidden Journal
Parent supervision suggested for children under 13. AU for "Hunted." Dean tells Sam what their father said to him right before he died. The truth is worse than Sam ever could have imagined.

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What is the Distance Between a Bullet and a Gun
What is the Distance Between a Bullet and a Gun
Adult. A SPN/Paranormal Activity/Surprise Fandom crossover. Sam, Dean, and Castiel step in to help Micah and Katie with their demon problem. They have no concept of the surprises that lay in wait for them, like how Katie's past is linked to theirs, and that the demon stalking her has some very powerful friends. A bit AU for all fandoms.

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For more SPN Gen fic, you might want to check out Laurel's cross-over with The Ring/Ringu:

she just wanted to be heard

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it's just WRONG

Fics with content that's just WRONG. (But in a hot way.) Wincest, bondage, vampirism, etc. Written by Laurel (Sailorhathor).

Lacerated Sky
Rated Adult17+. Everything changes when Dean finds out that Sam has been turned into a vampire. He'll do anything he has to do to protect his baby brother from vampiric diseases, starvation, predators, and vampire hunters who think they're just doing their job. A Sam/Lenore the Vampire/Dean story. Cross-over with John Carpenter's Vampires: Los Muertos.
|| Chapter 1: Occupational Hazard || Chapter 2: Over My Head || Chapter 3: Snowbound || Chapter 4: People Are Like That || Chapter 5: Vampire Games || Chapter 6: Most Precious || Chapter 7: Surrender || Chapter 8: Jessica is Burning ||

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Blue Star Fics (Crack!fic)

It's WACKY! It's crack!fic. Fic so strange that the author must've been licking the Blue Star papers when they wrote it. Written by Laurel (Sailorhathor), who licks those papers on a daily basis.

The Quest for the Krypt Key
Rated Adult. The Yellow-Eyed Demon hires a Super Genius to off the Winchesters.

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Winsister Universes

(The banner above features Live Action Models for Winsisters: From left to right, Kirsten Dunst, Radha Mitchell, Alicia Silverstone, Majandra Delfino, Liv Tyler, Shawnee Smith, Danielle Fishel, and Christina Applegate)

"Ashes of Dreams and Bloodstained Streets" is a Supernatural AU universe in which the boys have a sister. Her details are sometimes different from story to story, but she's always a Winchester. These stories, among other things, are for the people who like chicks who can kick ass. Written by Laurel (Sailorhathor). Lyric Credits

Seize the Day Suffer the Night

Volume 1: Seize the Day, Suffer the Night
Rated Adult. Today is the longest day in Dean Winchester's life. In the next 24 hours, he will have to win a prank war, fight wise-cracking demons, figure out why the patrons at a strip club are spontaneously combusting, rescue his siblings from a succubus, save his brother from a fatal deal he made with a blood-thirsty Asian spectre eleven years ago, and not get sacrificed in the process. And on his birthday! Is a big brother's work ever done?
|| Hour 1: 12:00AM-1:00AM || Hour 2: 1:00AM-2:00AM || Hour 3: 2:00AM-3:00AM ||

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Little Black Spot

Volume 2: Little Black Spot Series...
Yet another Supernatural/Miracles cross-over. You don't need to know much of anything about Miracles to enjoy this series as it will be very AU. The series will contain season 3 SPN characters used in a slightly different way, although much of their history will be intact. The title of each chapter will come from the Police song "King of Pain." Pairings throughout the story will include Sam/Girl!Dean (Deanne), UST between Paul and Deanne, Alva/Evie, priest/succubus non-con/dub-con, other pairings to be announced.

Theres a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today
Some chapters rated Adult while others will be Adult17+. Dean was born a girl. Sam/Deanne. A pack of sirens have stolen a dangerous supernatural object from one of John Winchester's storage lockers. He sends his eldest child Deanne to get it back. She rescues her brother Sam from these sirens, and their reunion just complicates the job. (Don't worry, I can write V. I and II at the same time. :D)

Theres a Flagpole Rag and the Wind Wont Stop
Rated Adult17+. Story 2 in this series. Sam has lost all sense of normal in his life and turns to Deanne for comfort. She falls right back into her old patterns: take care of Sammy at any cost. Sam/Deanne.

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Volume 3: Comparison Contrast Verse
Another Winsister 'verse starring Girl!Dean (Delaney this time) and Sam. I wrote a story for a femmeslash exchange that featured the pairing of Girl!Dean/Bela and I enjoyed the pairing enough to want to write more about them. I hope to write more soon, but for now, there's just the one story. Since Sam was attracted to Bela in the series, I want to write some Sam/Bela as well. It's funny, because when Dean is Dean, I can't stand the idea of him hooking up with Bela, but make him a girl and I'm all for it. *Shrug!* Easiest thing to do to distinguish this 'verse from the others is to give it its own name and volume number, so I did that.

Comparison Contrast
Adult17+. What "Red Sky at Morning" could have been if Dean had been born a girl. Girl!Dean/Bela.

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Tuck Those Ribbons Under Your Helmet

Volume 4: Tuck Those Ribbons Verse
Another Winsister 'verse where Sam and Dean have a sister named Kerry. This may be the only story in that 'verse, but I plan to expand it one day - this is just an abridged version of a longer story. I'm not sure at this point exactly how I will structure the extra chapters, if they'll just be added to the existing ones or presented separately, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. :)

Tuck Those Ribbons Under Your Helmet
Adult17+. Winsister/Castiel, Winsister/Ruby, Winsister/Dean, Winsister/Sam, Winsister/Adam (in a dream), & Sam/Castiel/Dean. The hunting life isn't easy on anyone. For Kerry Winchester, it may be too much. The worst, though, was being in love with a multi-dimensional wavelength that may not ever love her back.

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