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El Enciclopedia de Vampirica

Welcome to Mexico. Be careful.
This is a site of fanfiction related to the film John Carpenter's Vampires: Los Muertos. There's not a lot here yet, but I hope to write more in the future.

This site was last updated on June 15, 2010.

Los Vivos (Más o Menos)
Written by Tigerlady. Rated Adult. Two years on, the band is still together. Derek just hopes it stays that way. Derek/Rodrigo. Written for Laurel (Sailorhathor) in the Yuletide 2008 challenge.

She Need the Money Real Bad
Written by Laurel (Sailorhathor). Parental Supervision Suggested for children under 13. Please bring my son home for Christmas, Señor Bliss. We all wait for you. You decent man. You and Señor Rodrigo sleep in same bed, we look other way. Derek/Rodrigo. Written for Tigerlady in the Yuletide 2009 challenge.

Lacerated Sky
Written by Laurel (Sailorhathor). Rated Adult17+. A Vampires: Los Muertos/Supernatural cross-over. AU. Everything changes when Dean finds out that Sam has been turned into a vampire. He'll do anything he has to do to protect his baby brother from vampiric diseases, starvation, predators, and vampire hunters who think they're just doing their job. A Sam/Lenore the Vampire/Dean story. The Vampires characters haven't actually entered the fic yet, but they will soon.
|| Chapter 1: Occupational Hazard || Chapter 2: Over My Head || Chapter 3: Snowbound || Chapter 4: People Are Like That || Chapter 5: Vampire Games || Chapter 6: Most Precious || Chapter 7: Surrender || Chapter 8: Jessica is Burning ||

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