An rpg formerly on aol

It doesn't matter who you are here. You could be the big man around town back where you come from, but here, none of that makes any difference anymore. All that matters here is survival. Because once you enter this land, you are forever Lost... lost... lost... lost...

Land of the Lost: Ten Years Gone was a roleplaying game on aol, but it's now over. The game was inspired by the Sid & Marty Krofft tv series Land of the Lost, 1974 Krofft Entertainment. I'm probably going to write my own fanfic to continue my portion of the game at some point, when I have some time to work on it. The following are the characters that were played by me, Laurel.

Enik the Altrusian
Holly Marshall
Faulken and Mysteria
Kurt and Mindy Bellingham
Demon Courtney
Demon Torcha

Pakuni Dictionary for LOTL:TYG

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