The Search for Outer Planet Intelligence

The Search for Outer Planet Intelligence is an original online roleplaying game played by e-mail. The following are Laurel's characters from that game.


It is the year 2270. Aliens from other planets are integrated into terran society by a secret government group, the S-O-P-I.

Carlin Cjud
Penelope Cjud
Penny Cjud (age 6)
Dahlia Dophim
Steve "Mancy" Dophim
Pine Dophim-Dreau
Rain Dophim
Leslie Hadin
Roland Symmy

It is the year 2290. Neptunian aliens have lived and raised their families on Earth for over 20 years. The story continues through their children.

Penny Cjud (age 26)
Sparrow Cjud
Dagger Dophim
Edge Dophim
Clarissa Dreau
Dana Kurosawa
Holly Macher
Haruka Morgan
Jodie Searling
Gunnar Symmy
Reed Symmy

The Factory of Evil Spirits

The Alternate World
Alternate Steven Dophim
Alternate Rain Dophim
Alternate Courtney Hatten

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