Adrianna Adrianna McNeal
Live Action Model: Actress Stacey Farber

Adrianna is the 14-year-old daughter of Lassiter McNeal and sister of Tracy McNeal. Roughly a year ago, she ran away from home along with three of her teenage friends; her father hasn't seen her since. She will eventually figure into the story when she and these friends choose to "phrog" in the wrong house. (Phrogging is the trend of trying to stay in an occupied house for free without the owners knowing you're there. This activity is usually engaged in by young adults phrogging in big houses where the owners are rarely home; maybe they travel a lot and/or their house is just so large that it would be difficult for an intruder to be detected right away. I'm honestly not sure if this is a real thing that people are doing or if it's just an invention of YouTube users, where phrogging videos can be viewed, but "Dateline" did a report about it sometime last year, so apparently, there's a possibility that this is really going on.)

Please ignore the fact that she has purple juice all over the front of her white shirt in the middle pic. It figures into the tv episode of "Degrassi" Stacey Farber was acting in at the time. :D This is pretty much how I imagine Adrianna dressing and styling her hair.

there really is a tape