Alexandra Baptiste
Live Action Model: Actress/Model Jamie Pressly

Alexandra Baptiste was an artist in the late 1700's who gained a bit of notoriety by claiming that she got the subjects of her paintings by entering into a psychic rapport with a divine sea serpent named Heptamera. Heptamera is a daimon that roams the seas, especially the Mediterranean, and claims a bride in any woman he chooses who wades too far into his waters. Alexandra was the first such bride. Her second daughter, Sasha, was Heptamera's first child.

The outcome of this unusual parentage is detailed in Day 15. The curse that Alexandra and Heptamera put on all of humanity continues to this day; they made sure of that. Her ghost still stalks the land and sea, watching out for his Daughters and making sure that every curse continues until there is not a man, woman, or child left who does not know how Sasha and the other Daughters suffered.

The fate of her first daughter Phaedra, the one born of Alexandra's human husband, will also figure into the story. You'll see. ~_^

I created the picture of Alexandra by taking a photo of Jamie Pressly, changing her hair color to black, and adding a few ghostly accessories. The background is Samara's well in the clearing.

More pictures of Alexandra:

Alexandra in swimming attire - Alexandra would only dress this revealing in secret, as I don't believe women swam in public in such skimpy attire in the 1700's.
Alexandra - Her main pic with a different background.

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