Beckett Taylor (Jake Epstein)

Beckett Taylor
Live Action Model: Actor Jake Epstein

I needed a lot of young people to act as Live Action Models for this fanfic, so I sort of mined Degrassi: The Next Generation. :D You'll see several actors and actresses from that show represented here. Jake Epstein is best known for playing Craig Manning on D: TNG.

Now, back to the Ring fanfic. Beckett is the boyfriend of Stacy Ballard and the younger brother of Gunnar. He's psychic, able to receive information about people and places by the use of a sixth sense. His impressions mainly come from psychometry. Psychometry involves touching objects to receive information about the past and present of the person who owns (or owned) that object. Beckett can also read buildings and other locations through this method, and also read people just by touching them. He has no control over what information he receives, though. He's basically just along for the ride whenever he gets an impression off something or someone.

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