Charlotte Sawyer (Daveigh Chase)

Charlotte Sawyer
(Live Action Model: Actress Daveigh Chase)

Charlotte Sawyer is a fan-created character, so everything about her history below was made up and not actually a part of any of the canon material.


I'm not going to go into extreme detail how Charlotte came to die in her own well in Texas because it would spoil a lot of her part of the story. Instead, I'll go over her history as it relates to Samara.

Charlotte and Samara are full blood sisters; Charlotte is Evelyn's first child, two years older than Samara. Evelyn neglected to mention her until she (Evelyn) was put in the mental hospital. Charlotte was being kept by a friend, the proprietor of a drug house, and was put up for adoption at the same time Samara was. In an effort to keep the two girls together, adoption officials agreed to allow Samara to be adopted by the Morgans, and Charlotte to be adopted by Anna Morgan's twin sister, Katherine Sawyer. (The reason I made them twins was simply so it would be easier for me to make cursed tape images for Charlotte's tape. It's sort of hard to find another mother to stick in there.) The girls were raised as cousins although they are really sisters. Yeah, I know, it all sounds very Mary Sueish, but I think I am a good writer, and I hope you will like it anyway. :)

Samara and Charlotte were very close as children. When the Sawyers moved away to Texas, Charlotte promised Samara she would always look after her.

When she was sixteen, Charlotte disappeared and is presumed dead. Her boyfriend, Kevin, was convicted of her murder on circumstancial evidence. Knowing she possessed the same powers as Samara, what do you think happened to her? ;)

Samara Morgan was played by actress Daveigh Chase in the first movie. As she is now a teenager, I found her to be the perfect live action model for Charlotte. She is Samara's older sister, after all. Makes sense they would look something alike.

More pictures of Charlotte:

Charlotte dressed for the prom

there really is a tape