Craig Mitchell (Singer Whitfield Crane)

Craig Mitchell
(Live Action Model: Singer Whitfield Crane)

Craig is the current boyfriend of Jessica Moore (in my story, anyway); they've been together since high school and are now sharing an apartment at Stanford. Things have been on the rocks for quite some time, though, and Jess has been seen around campus with Sam Winchester, a fact that does not make Craig at all happy. Just how far will he go to keep his girl?

Craig's live action model is the lead singer of Ugly Kid Joe, Whitfield Crane. I had a hard time deciding on a good model for him until I went through a bunch of old rock magazines and saw this yummy picture of Whitfield Crane. I don't usually find the guy that attractive, but this pic had just the right amount of handsome and grungy to please me. (I'm honestly not sure UKJ is even together anymore - just wanted to mention that, heh.)

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