Images from Samara's first tape

Cursed Videotapes - Samara's First Tape

Images from Samara's first tape from The Ring. Warning, some of these images are unpleasant or just downright gross.

I would appreciate it if you would not use these screencaps to make your own website of cursed tape images. If you want to use them to make icons, headers, your own cursed tape, and other such projects, that's fine, but please give this site credit and a link. It's also okay to take a few pics to illustrate some sort of article or project about these movies, a fanfic, etc. Thanks. :)

The Ring 1 Jumpy, Staticy Ring The Ring 2 Static Staticy Ring
Jumpy, Staticy Ring 2 Jumpy, Staticy Ring 3 Jumpy, Staticy Ring 4 Bloody, Churning Water Samara's Chair
Samara's Chair 2 Samara's Chair 3 Brush Going thru Hair Anna in the Mirror Anna in the Mirror 2
Anna in the Mirror 3 Anna Notices Samara Moving Mirror Samara in the Mirror Samara Steps Back
Samara Steps Back 2 Anna Smiles Bleeding Nail Daddy in the Window Daddy in the Window 2
Cliff with Tree Cliff with Fly Cliff with Fly 2 Mouth with Intestines Mouth with Intestines 2
Struggling Inside Plastic Bag The Ring 3 (Crescent) Burning Tree Finger on Nail Finger Impalement
Maggots Pile of People Table and Chair Table and Centipede Table and Centipede 2
Three-legged Lamb Three-legged Lamb 2 Three-legged Lamb 3 Horse Eye The Ring 4 (Crescent)
Twitchy Fingers Burning Tree 2 Burning Tree 3 Burning Tree 4 Burning Tree 5

|| Samara's Tape 1 - Page 2 ||

the images on the tape are leading us somewhere

|| Sadako's Tape ||
|| Don't Watch This ||
|| Samara's Tape 2 || Samara's Tape 2 - Page 2 || Samara's Tape 2 - Page 3 ||

there really is a tape

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