Images from Samara's second tape

Cursed Videotapes - Samara's Second Tape, Page 2

Images from Samara's second tape. This tape wasn't used in The Ring Two or anything; it was just promotional, included on one of the DVD's. Warning, some of these images are unpleasant or just downright gross.

I would appreciate it if you would not use these screencaps to make your own website of cursed tape images. If you want to use some of them to make icons, headers, your own cursed tape, illustrate an online article, and other such projects, that's fine, but please give this site credit and a link. Thanks. :)

Samara's Hand Samara's Hand, Scratching Couch Overflowing with Water Couch Overflowing with Water 2 Scissors Cutting Paper
Blobule Blobule 2 Merry-Go-Round Merry-Go-Round 2 Nun Peering out Window
Evelyn Screaming with Nuns Scissors Cutting Paper 2 Samara's Hand with Puddle Samara's Hand with Puddle 2 Person in Bodybag
Door with Spider Person in Bodybag 2 Samara Against the Wall Scrapbook Cover Scrapbook Cover 2
Virgin Mary Statue Virgin Mary Statue 2 Virgin Mary Statue 3 Virgin Mary Statue 4 Virgin Mary Statue 5
Virgin Mary Statue 6 Virgin Mary Statue 7 Drop in the Water Drop in the Water 2 Drop in the Water 3

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the images on the tape are leading us somewhere

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|| Don't Watch This ||

there really is a tape

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