Danica Kirkland (Arielle Kebble)

Danica Kirkland
Live Action Model: Actress Arielle Kebble

Danica Kirkland is the fraternal twin sister of Quinn Kirkland, who watches Samara Morgan's cursed videotape at the start of the story. What happens to him as a result of that viewing sends her on a quest to end the curse forever.

Danica has a very distinctive style of dress that could not be reflected in any of these pictures of her live action model, but I have included a couple of clothing patterns in the pictures below to illustrate the kind of skirts she wears almost exclusively.

Extra pictures of Danica:

A typical Danica skirt
More typical Danica skirts (especially the ones on the bottom row)

Danica's original LAM was actress Rose McGowan, but it bothered me that she is in her 30's and Danica is 20 when the story starts. I couldn't find any pictures of Rose when she was 20, and the recent pics of her just weren't fitting my image of Danica. The more I saw of Arielle, who is in her lower 20's, the more I realized that she's perfect to be Danica's LAM. So that's the reason for the switch. :) The only real difference between Arielle and Danica is that I imagine Danica with green eyes.

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