Diane McNeal (Actress Rachel Weisz)

Diane McNeal
(Live Action Model: Actress Rachel Weisz)

Diane McNeal is already dead when the story begins. Her husband Lassiter is a Demonologist and college professor while Diane worked as a professional psychic. Together they wrote several books about their work and Diane's personal experiences with her psychic gifts. They had two children together, Tracy and Adrianna.

Two years before the story begins, Tracy was possessed by a demon who seemed to be seeking revenge against his parents for the work they'd done, which included exorcisms. Lassiter decided to do the exorcism himself, a decision he now regrets. Possessed Tracy got into a physical fight with his father, Diane tried to intervene, and she was pushed down the stairs to her death, breaking her neck and her back. This seemed to satisfy the demon, who left Tracy's body after that.

The experience was so traumatic for Adrianna that it was part of the reason she later ran away with three of her high school friends.

Diane will be spoken of in this fic and sometimes seen in flashback, dreams, and the like.

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