Evelyn (Actress Sissy Spacek)

(Actress Sissy Spacek)


Evelyn is the human mother of Samara Morgan. When she was only a young girl, Evelyn became pregnant and came to the St. Mary Magdalen Women's Shelter to give birth to Samara. She said that Samara's father was from the waters beyond this world. While Samara was still just a baby, Evelyn tried to drown her because she said that Samara told her to. It was after this that Evelyn was committed to a mental hospital. No one seems to know her true last name.

Evelyn spends her days scrapbooking, building books from old newspaper and magazine clippings and pictures. These scrapbooks always seem to relate heavily to the life of Samara.

For the sake of my story, I have added some history to Evelyn's life, including another daughter than no one knew about until Evelyn was committed.

I think it's really awesome that Sissy Spacek took on this role. I imagine she did it for the fun of it. It's not like she needs the work or something. :D

Extra pics of Evelyn:

Evelyn as a teen - Played by Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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