Jodie Searling (Dominique Swain)

Jodie Searling
Live Action Model: Actress Dominique Swain (with dark hair)

Jodie Searling is the friend and ex-girlfriend of Quinn Kirkland. They live together at the beginning of the story, though it's only on a friendly, roommates basis (at least, he thinks so). She is a student of Film in college and a huge horror movie fan who likes to play grisly pranks on her friends and loved ones (like dressing up in slasher costumes and pretending to stab them when they enter their homes on Halloween). At the beginning of the story, Quinn thinks Jodie is the one who made the cursed tape he watched. Her mother is Jolene Searling, her cousin is Stacy Ballard, and her favorite teacher is Professor Lassiter McNeal, who teaches her Film Studies class.

there really is a tape