Meredith Carroll (Actress Gina Philips)

Meredith Carroll
(Live Action Model: Actress Gina Philips)

Meredith is one of Sam Winchester's fellow students at Stanford. He becomes involved in trying to save her from the curse of the Metternich twins. But Sam Winchester doesn't hunt anymore. Does he?

And just how did Meredith get cursed in the first place? Sam also takes on the person who is spreading this curse and their twisted, outrageous reasons for doing it.

It's very unlikely that Meredith would ever wear a shirt like this, but the pic is a very good representation of her hair color and how she looks, so I decided to use it. (It's not the fabric that bothers me, it's the fact that the shirt doesn't seem to fit her well.)

Meredith has the last name of a good friend of mine. :D

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