Misty Evers (Actress Paula Brancati)

Misty Evers
(Live Action Model: Actress Paula Brancati)

I needed a lot of young people to act as Live Action Models for this fanfic, so I sort of mined Degrassi: The Next Generation. :D You'll see several actors and actresses from that show represented here. What can I say, it's my soap. ;) Paula Brancati is known for playing Jane Vaughn on D: TNG.

Misty was one of the guests at Hollister's party who watched the videotape brought over by Jolene Searling. Most of the people at that party were her close friends; how will it affect her to watch them drop like flies as victims of Samara's curse? Will she herself survive?

Misty's parents were killed by a tornado when she was 18. Since then, she has taken care of her younger brother Shannon and herself. She's one of those girls that everyone calls a survivor, though she feels she may not survive this.

I had a really hard time picking a LAM for Misty until I saw Paula Brancati play the episodes of "Degrassi" where it was revealed that her character, Jane, was molested by her father. She did so well that she struck me as being very Misty-like, fitting my image of Misty quite well.

there really is a tape