Nancy Oleson (Actress Allison Balson)

Scarlett Nancy Oleson
(Actress Allison Balson)

Nancy Oleson is a character from the TV show "Little House on the Prairie." I am fully aware that at no point on the show was she ever named Scarlett - that's something I've added for the sake of my story. All of the Daughters of Heptamera have names beginning with S or a Sh sound (like Charlotte), which is why I've added the new first name.

What we know about Nancy from the series is that her mother died in childbirth, and she was raised by her grandmother, who had little control over her. Nancy eventually went to live at the orphanage in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. It is not known what happened to her father. When Nancy was about 11, she was adopted by Nels and Harriet Oleson and taken to live with them in Walnut Grove. Throughout the course of the series, Nancy exhibited wild and cruel behavior towards the other children and was a master manipulator of most adults, making up overdramatic lies about her past life to get whatever she wanted. This behavior lessened somewhat over time, although she always was a bit of a villain among the kids. Nancy enjoyed writing themes for school and reading the bodice rippers in "Vanity Fair" magazine. With her ability to come up with dastardly schemes, she must've had quite an imagination.

Nancy made a very interesting villain for me, that's why I like her so much. Her behavior was often horrible, but I could understand what made her that way; I wish they had explored her grey areas more on the show rather than just turning her into the comic relief in the later episodes.

Now for what I've added to the character... I'm completely disregarding the last movie where they blew up the town because it messes up my story too much. At some point after the series ended, the Olesons finally received Nancy's birth certificate in the mail. It revealed that her actual first name was Scarlett, something even Nancy didn't know. Her grandmother had always called her by her middle name, Nancy, because it was her name too. Everyone just assumed it was her first name. Nancy was excited to find this out; it made her feel special to have such a pretty, dramatic name.

There would be a great deal more to tell about what happens to Nancy and how she winds up one of the ghosts in the wells, but I'd rather save it all for the story. The only other thing I will reveal here is Nancy does not curse her victims through a videotape. They did not exist in her time. Instead, she uses an object to be revealed in the story.

Extra pics of Nancy:

Nancy in the schoolyard
Nancy with her hair down

there really is a tape