Quinn Kirkland (John Bregar)

Quinn Kirkland
Live Action Model: Actor John Bregar

I needed a lot of young people to act as Live Action Models for this fanfic, so I sort of mined Degrassi: The Next Generation. :D You'll see several actors and actresses from that show represented here. What can I say, I never grew up. John Bregar is best known for playing Dylan Michalchuk on D: TNG.

Now, back to the Ring fanfic. Quinn Kirkland had a pretty sweet life until the night someone broke into his mailbox and left him an unmarked videotape in a padded envelope. The envelope was only marked "QUINN," which was underlined with an elongated infinity sign. Curiosity got the best of him and the people there with him, and they all watched Samara Morgan's cursed tape. When this whole thing started, Quinn was not a believer in curses, but that will all change before the next seven days are done with him.

Quinn has a fraternal twin sister named Danica Kirkland.

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Quinn 2

there really is a tape