Richard Morgan (Brian Cox)

Richard Morgan
(Actor Brian Cox)

Richard Morgan was the adoptive father of Samara and husband of Anna Morgan. He owned and ran a horse ranch for many years, but things were never the same after the disappearance of Samara and the suicide of his wife. These mysteries were unraveled in The Ring. **SPOILERS** Basically, evil little Samara attacked her family with her powers as well as their prize horses. It drove Anna insane and lead her to murder Samara and then jump off a cliff. Richard was left behind to pick up the pieces.

When he was visited by Rachel Keller with a copy of the cursed tape in hand, he seemed to recognize what she was talking about, which leads me to believe that Rachel is not the first person to encounter a copy of Samara's tape, or the first to trace that tape back to Richard Morgan. This was the encounter that pushed him over the edge, though, and he committed suicide in front of her. **SPOILERS**

In this fic, Richard will appear in many flashbacks of Samara's life.

there really is a tape