Chapter Summaries

Summaries of each chapter. Minor spoilers. I'll try to keep all major spoilers off this page.

"Day 1: Human Nature." Quinn Kirkland led a charmed life until the night he watched an odd videotape, and was given seven days to live.

"Day 2: Theories." Quinn, Svetlana, and Jolene discuss how the tape could've been made.

"Day 3: Synchronicity." Jodie is quite the trickster, isn't she? But did she make the cursed tape? A case of synchronized dreaming says no.

"Day 4: Suffer the Nightmare." Quinn's dog, Mukluk, senses the curse overshadowing his master. Quinn and Svetlana dream in sync again, but this time are rescued by a blond stranger. Cross-over with Supernatural.

"Day 5: Finding Out." Quinn, Svet, and Jodie use the Internet to find out more about the videotape. They stumble upon someone very familiar with it: Vanessa. Unfortunately for Jolene, she begins experiencing the effects of the tape also in the form of hallucinations. X-over with SPN.

"Day 6: The Works." Vanessa discusses her plans for Quinn and the others with a reluctant accomplice. Jolene returns the tape to Quinn after being chased around by hallucinations caused by Samara. X-over with SPN.

"Day 7: Subliminal Messages." Jodie thinks she's figured out how the videotape works. Svetlana has another dream where she tries to communicate with the unknown blond, whom she sees as a protector. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 8: Final Project." Jodie discusses using the cursed tape as her final project with her Film professor. Poor Jolene thinks she's made it through a curse-free day until she experiences a hallucination of Samara, her father, and a lamb named Phil. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 9: Meandering." Jodie and the professor discuss the tape with Japanese Teacher's Assistant, Akemi. Quinn writes an e-mail to his twin. Jolene has an epiphany about the effects of the tape after a strange encounter with a fly. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 10: TelePhone." Quinn and Svetlana dream of Samara's real mother. Dean Winchester comes to them to warn them what will happen if they don't join the ring. But what is the ring? Quinn's friend Gunnar takes him out for a night of distraction, but Samara crashes the party. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 11: Rattling the Cage." Lisa and Gunnar question Quinn about why he coughed up a necklace belonging to Samara's mother. He tells them what's been going on the last few days.

"Day 12: Streams That Often Converge." Samara and her sisters try to discourage the Winchester family from becoming involved in the ring by going after Sam. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 13: Dispelling of Shadows." Quinn and Svetlana make their first attempt to communicate with Samara directly.

"Day 14: I Collect Seventh Days." Everyone has dreams of Quinn's funeral that are very enlightening. The dream leads Vanessa to suspect that Vicki is plotting against her with Dean Winchester, but is she seeing a vision of the present or future? X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 15: What Came Before." Jolene experiences a series of hallucinations of Samara and Anna and is taken on a journey back in time by a ghost to see how the ring began.

"Day 16: Self-Portrait." Sam begins researching to figure out the identity of the artist in his nightmare. He gets help from an unexpected source. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 17: Double-sided Painting." Good to her word, Jessica brings over some books about the artist from Sam's nightmare. There is something obviously supernatural about her paintings. They research her together while their romance buds. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 18: The Calling." Darcy goes to see the people at St. Jerome's Catholic Church to ask for their help with the evil spirit haunting her roommate, Svetlana. That evil spirit is Samara Morgan. X-over with Miracles.

"Day 19: Sordid Story." Stacy gets into a fight with her friend Jasmine for as yet unknown reasons. Boston Central High is buzzing with questions about who put the threatening graffiti on the bathroom wall. That afternoon, Stacy's boyfriend, Beckett, heads over to Jodie and Quinn's to do a psychic reading of Samara's videotape.

"Day 20: Hot Potato." Beckett does a reading of Samara's videotape. The results are frightening.

"Day 21: Anxiety Dream." Svetlana has a dream of the girls from the wells that pulls in not only Jodie, but Dean Winchester. In it, she learns something very important about him. Vanessa and Vicki have an AIM conversation in which Vanessa tries none too delicately to find out what Vicki could be up to. X-over with SPN.

"Day 22: You will Drink Coke and Die in Seven Days." Jodie and Professor McNeal discover something shocking about Samara's videotape. Beckett tries to find out why Stacy is cutting herself again.

"Day 23: Bookmark." While researching Alexandra Baptiste and her supernatural paintings, Sam learns about their connection to Adolf Hitler, and remembers an incident from his childhood where Dean had a bloody encounter with one of the daughters of Heptamera. X-over with SPN.

"Day 24: Vicious Cycle." While researching Alexandra Baptiste and her supernatural paintings, Sam learns about their connection to Adolf Hitler and the SS forces. Alexandra tries to turn Sam to her way of thinking, but she may lose him when she badmouths John. X-over with SPN.

"Day 25: Dark Divinity." A look into the home of author Rowan Bloodworth and his sister, Cheyenne, who have a very special connection to the curse of Heptamera. X-over with SPN.

"Day 26: Eyewitness." Jessica and Sam figure out how the curse works. Stacy's friend Jasmine insists on coming over, but Samara and the others aren't happy with her meddling. X-over with SPN.

"Day 27: Patchwork." While Samara and the others make good on their threats, Alexandra pulls two people who have never met (Sam being one of them) into a vision that joins the past with the present. They serve as witnesses to Samara's methods of intimidation. X-over with SPN and "Little House on the Prairie."

"Day 28: Closer, My Dear, Come Closer." Sam and Jessica discuss the curious and dark case of the Bloodworth family, where cruel methods were used to bring out the childrens' psychic powers. His suspicions about Cheyenne Bloodworth are confirmed. Sam/Jess. X-over with SPN and LHotP.

"Day 29: The Secrets We Keep." After some sexy airport shenanigans with her British boyfriend, Danica Kirkland comes home from England and is confused to find that her brother has barely slept for four days.

"Day 30: The Shadow People." Sam Winchester, Quinn, and Svetlana are pulled into a dream of young Charlotte and Samara, and the moment when they decided to start using their powers for revenge. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 31: Peripheral Vision." Sam meets Katherine Sawyer, sister of Anna Morgan, and becomes more deeply invested in saving the people cursed by Samara. Danica's secret is revealed to her parents, and she finds out there's something very mysterious and alarming going on with her brother. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 32: The Past is Always There." Sam finds out that Jessica isn't as perfect as he originally assumed. He tries to forget about it by throwing himself into the task of saving those who have been cursed by the Daughters of Heptamera, including a girl he doesn't know at Stanford. Professor McNeal's runaway daughter may have been found in California, but not under good circumstances. X-over w/ SPN, Sam/Jess.

"Day 33: As a Phantom." The gang holds a séance to contact the spirit that has been trying to help Quinn and Svetlana in their dreams, Mysteria. The results are, of course, enlightening and dramatic. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 34: Descendants." Sam and Meredith discuss the curse and how to stop it. Professor McNeal arrives in California, dreading the viewing of what may be the body of his daughter. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 35: Organized Chaos." Quinn, Danica, and the others talk about what happened during the séance. Cheyenne enters her brother's vault without permission and stumbles upon a frightening family secret. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 36: The Curtain's Edge." Cheyenne listens in as Rowan and Alexandra have a conversation with the Daughters of Heptamera about whether or not they should take the life of Quinn Kirkland. X-over w/ SPN and LHotP.

"Day 37: The End of Forever." The biggest secrets of the Bloodworth family are finally revealed to Cheyenne. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 38: Passing Through." The gang tests Jodie's theory by seeing what kind of dreams they have the night after the séance. They involve an elevator, a giant wave of black water, and a dead innkeeper in a rowboat. X-over w/ SPN.

"Day 39: Baku, Eat my Bad Dreams." Dean and the other dreamers meet the real Heptamera. Meredith calls Sam because she is being followed by a ghostly china cabinet. X-over w/ SPN. Sam/OFC, Brady/OFC.

"Day 40: The Alchemist." Sam and Meredith serve witness to one of the most traumatic moments in the lives of the Metternich twins. X-over w/ SPN. Sam/OFC, Brady/OFC.

"Day 41: Beings of Thule." Sam and Meredith serve witness to one of the most traumatic moments in the lives of the Metternich twins. Meredith is pulled into one of their visions, one she cannot escape without Sam's help. X-over w/ SPN. Sam/OFC, Brady/OFC.

"Day 42: Getting Somewhere." Sam's efforts to comfort Meredith after the Metternichs put her through the ringer go further than he intended, but he's not complaining. Suzette isn't too happy with it, though. X-over w/ SPN. Sam/OFC, Brady/OFC.

"Day 43: Light a Candle, Curse the Darkness." Meredith asks Sam a few questions that he can't answer without telling her the strange truth of his past. Professor McNeal's runaway daughter might finally be located after all this time, but she could be walking right into a danger she could never fathom before he can find her. X-over w/ SPN. Sam/OFC, Brady/OFC.

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