Rowan Bloodworth (Leonardo DiCaprio)

Rowan Bloodworth
Live Action Model: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio

Rowan Bloodworth lives in northern California with his sister, Cheyenne, in the mansion they inheritited from their father, Bill Bloodworth. The Bloodworth family owns Marigold Publishing, which is the source of their fortune.

Not even Cheyenne is aware that she is one of the daughters of Heptamera. She believes that she is the biological daughter of Bill Bloodworth, but in truth, she is not. Her brother is aware of this fact, however, and maintains frequent spiritual contact with Heptamera and his bride, Alexandra Baptiste.

Although Rowan is not the son of Heptamera, he is descended from the divine serpent (Day 28 explains how), and so possesses psychic abilities of his own. These abilities, as well as the powers of his (half-)sister, were exploited and experimented with in their childhood. The house in which they live still contains many of the secrets discovered during that time.

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