Sadako Yamamura (Actress Yukie Nakama)

Sadako Yamamura
(Actress Yukie Nakama, from the movie Ring 0: Birthday)

Sadako Yamamura is a character from the Japanese Ringu series on which The Ring and its sequels are based. She is the original psychic girl left to die at the bottom of a well who then enacted a curse on humanity through a videotape that would kill whoever watched it seven days later... unless they do something for her.

Her parents are Shizuko Yamamura and Dr. Heihachiro Ikuma, although in both the manga and the movies, it was stated that Sadako's actual father was probably some kind of monster or demon from the sea. It can be assumed that this demon gave Sadako her numerous psychic powers, which included healing as well as killing powers, psychokinesis, and thoughtography. (Thoughtography is the ability to project images of thought and imagination onto recording media, like film and videotape.)

**SPOILERS AHEAD** Sadako's background story is a bit complicated, so I'll just sum it up (takin' the lazy way out): She was born with an honest to goodness evil twin, a conjoined twin. They were medically separated, and her human father drugged the evil twin to stunt her growth. Sadako and Evil Sadako have a psychic bond that tells Evil Sadako what good Sadako is feeling. She defends Sadako by committing various evil acts, including killing people. This causes people to think that Sadako is creepy and evil. Sadako falls in love with a boy named Toyama who also loves her. A woman who was engaged to the news reporter who was killed in Ringu (at Shizuko's demonstration) thinks that Sadako is the one who killed her fiance, which she may just be right about unless both twins were named Sadako. O_o So she shows up at a play Sadako is appearing in and, with the help of a small team of conspirators, plays the recording of her lover being killed. Sadako kind of loses it when she hears this and another man winds up dying. Sadako's classmates and teachers attack and kill her. Then they take her back to her home where Evil Sadako is waiting. (I don't remember what their rationale was for this. Doesn't seem wise.) This somehow revives Sadako and she and her evil twin reunite into one body, signified by Sadako's long hair hiding her face like Evil Sadako's always did. Sadako, herky jerking around in a very creepy and scary manner as she gets used to her new body, chases down everyone in the mob who killed her and offs them. The news reporter's fiancee is forced by mind control to shoot one of the students (who screams hysterically and nonstop throughout this part of the movie, heh) and then herself. Then Dr. Ikuma finds Sadako crying on the floor, looking very non-evil. Horrified by what she has done, he winds up bashing her over the head and then throwing her into the well where she eventually died. The vacation cabin was later built over the site of the well with the TV and VCR placed directly over it. Sadako projected her anger onto a videotape in that VCR, setting her curse in motion.

Sadako's appearances in my fic are a bit limited. This is for two reasons. One, the fanfic is set in America, which naturally limits her reason to be there. I can see her curse spreading, but mostly in Japan and other Asian countries. Two, being that Sadako was the first evil well bitch as I call them XD, she's pretty much a god-like NPC (non-playing character). Incase you're not familiar with that term, it refers to a character that reaches such god-like proportions or status that they usually only appear from time to time just to be badass. XD I do not know at this time if anyone in this story will actually be afflicted with Sadako's curse.

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