Samara Morgan (Daveigh Chase)

Samara Morgan
(Actress Daveigh Chase)


Samara Morgan is the strange little girl behind the creation of the cursed videotape from the American version of the Ringu story. There isn't much known about her real mother, Evelyn, except that she came to a Christian hospital pregnant with Samara and claimed her baby's father was a monster from the sea. While Samara was still just a baby, Evelyn tried to drown her. It was after this that Evelyn was committed to a mental hospital.

Baby Samara was adopted by the Morgans, Richard and Anna. They owned a horse ranch on Moesko Island, Washington, and spent every winter at Shelter Mountain, which I am assuming is also in Washington. Anna's pride and joy were her prize-winning horses and her daughter, Samara. That was until everything started to go wrong.

Anna began to have problems sleeping and concentrating because often, when Samara was around, her mind would be filled with horrible, gruesome images. It was like these images had been "burned inside her;" she was convinced that Samara put them there. She was right, because Samara possessed the power of thoughtography, also known as nensha, psychic photography, and projected thermography. Thoughtography is the ability to project thoughts, mental images, onto any type of recording media. The mind's eye and memory could be considered a form of recording media. This is also how Samara made the cursed videotape - she projected her mental images onto a blank tape, and instilled it with the power to put the watcher on a seven day countdown to death. Samara eventually began attacking her family's horses with her power. They were driven mad by her mental assaults and ran to the sea, committing suicide. The strain of Samara's psychic attacks and the loss of her horses drove Anna to a mental hospital, where Samara was also taken for study. When the two were later released, the family went to Shelter Mountain for their annual stay. Samara stood out by an old well, admiring a tree in the distance, when Anna came up behind her and threw a garbage bag over her head, attempting to asphyxiate her. Samara struggled so hard that Anna grabbed a brick from the nearby well and struck the child in the head with it. This made Samara be still. Anna threw her body into the well, leaving her for dead. But Samara was not dead. She survived in the well for seven days before finally dying. Anna Morgan later jumped off a cliff, killing herself.

Anna knew the truth about Samara at the end - that her child was evil and needed to be taken out. What she didn't realize was that killing Samara would make her more powerful.

A set of rental cabins was later built above and around the well. The television and VCR of one cabin was placed directly over the well, giving Samara the chance to put her message onto a blank tape. This is how the curse began.

Many years later, Samara's body was found in the well by Rachel Keller and Noah Clay. This did not appease Samara, however, and the curse continues.

Samara Morgan was played by actress Daveigh Chase in the first movie. As she was the one we saw the most of, I consider her the "real" Samara.

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Samara in the mental hospital
Samara as a normal little girl

there really is a tape