Sarah Layton (Jodelle Ferland)

Sarah Layton
Live Action Model: Actress Jodelle Ferland

Sarah Layton is the youngest child of the Layton family; her older siblings are Levi (brother, oldest) and Summer (sister, middle child). Her family bought the Morgan Horse Ranch shortly after the events of The Ring Two. Not everyone in the Layton family is aware of the history of the ranch, although that will change in time.

When she enters the story, Sarah is not aware that she is one of the daughters of Heptamera. Her siblings have a bit more awareness of the truth. That knowledge could be dangerous.

Sarah's name has gone through some changes. First, she was Sutton Hill. I decided the last name was too blah (sorry Hills of the world), so I changed it to Layton. Over time, the name "Sutton" began to feel more like a boy's name to me, and as a result, it just didn't fit the character anymore. That's how she became Sarah Layton.

The picture above is a screencap from one of Jodelle's movies, Silent Hill. She really is an amazing little actress. :)

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