Day 21: Anxiety Dream

She Just Wanted to Be Heard
Day 21: Anxiety Dream
Part of Story Arc 1: Counterclockwise
A "The Ring/Ringu" Fanfic
by Laurel (Sailorhathor)

Chapters: 21 of 100
Rating: Overall Rating Sup13+ (adult theme; horror elements that might be too much for children under 13; bad language)
Dates: Begun September 2006. Some material is based on previously written stories from 2003-2005. This chapter was written in November 2007.
Word Count: 4,118
Summary: Svetlana has a dream of the girls from the wells that pulls in not only Jodie, but Dean Winchester. In it, she learns something very important about him. Vanessa and Vicki have an AIM conversation in which Vanessa tries none too delicately to find out what Vicki could be up to.
Warning: Contains spoilers for the entire Ringu and The Ring series.
Fanfic Challenges: Fits [info]50_darkfics Prompt #21 Brutal and [info]Coclaim100 Prompt #21 Broken.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Rekka for her help with the Japanese.
I keep meaning to note that Mysteria is a word from the Def Leppard song "Hysteria." Def Leppard have nothing to do with this story; I just really like the word. :D
A note for Supernatural fans: Remember when Andy from season 2 sent mental images to Dean? That is one function of thoughtography (in Japanese, 'nensha'), the power possessed by Sadako, Samara, and the others. Remember also how it caused Dean intense pain? I'm keeping that too. :D
In Ring 0: Birthday, when Sadako used her powers, it could be caught on audio tape as a high-pitched whine, like feedback. Samara's videotape contained a high-pitched whine. This sound will be referenced in the entire story, including this chapter.
The IM conversation near the end was deliberately typed with mistakes to make it seem more like a real IM conversation. In some places, I just didn't fix my typos, hee.
Set pre-series for Supernatural, during Sam's years at Stanford.

        Beautiful day. Unseasonably warm, blue skies, light breeze. The streets were deserted, though. That was strange. No one in sight except Svetlana sitting on a park bench, hunched over, a hand to her eyes. She was talking on her cell phone in what Jodie thought was Dutch.

        As she got closer, she realized that Svetlana sounded like she'd been crying. Eesh, this was awkward. Just before Jodie reached her, Svet said something in an angry tone and abruptly snapped the phone shut. She let out a long, shaky sigh.


        The Dutch girl turned to her. "Oh, Jodie." She pointed to her head. "What's with the...?"

        Jodie ran a hand through her hair and felt a large pair of headphones, the type that covered a person's entire ears. They were askew on her head. "Yeah, uh, me and Professor McNeal are analyzing the videotape. We can hear all the background sounds better with these on."

        "Oh." Svetlana stopped talking and gazed across the plaza of the university she and the others attended, just staring at a fountain. "Find anything useful yet?"

        "Not really," Jodie replied sheepishly.


        There was a short, clumsy silence between them. Fidgeting and rocking on her heels, Jodie commented, "I never really thought about it before, but you speak more than one language, huh?"

        "Yes. English, Dutch, and Russian."

        "You speak Russian? Wow. I didn't know that."

        "My mother and grandmother are Russian," explained Svetlana. She smiled a little. "Where you think 'Svetlana' come from?"

        "It isn't a Dutch name, is it?" Jodie laughed.

        "No, it is not."

        Another uncomfortable silence. "Who were you talking to on the phone?"

        Instead of answering, Svetlana waved the question off with obvious irritation.

        "Sorry. Didn't mean to pry." Silence. Just the sound of the wind blowing softly. Jodie surmised that it must be someone from back home; who else would Svet speak to in Dutch? "So where's Quinn?"

        "In the shower."

        "Oh." Why couldn't they talk without Quinn being there? Things were so weird between them without him around. Jodie wished things could be different. She breathed out a regretful sigh and found herself saying, "We're never going to be friends, are we?"

        Svetlana seemed to think it over; Jodie saw her shoulders tense and then relax. "I don't think so," the Dutch girl replied quietly.

        Her shoulders slumping, Jodie looked down at the ground and dug the toe of her sneaker into a crack in the sidewalk. She began, "I - "

        "Jodie?" interrupted a disembodied male voice.

        Svetlana didn't recognize it, but Jodie looked up at the sound of the voice. "Oh, crap, Professor McNeal! I must've fallen asleep!" she said, and ran back toward the university.

        With a confused look, Svetlana turned to ask Jodie what she was talking about. "What do you mean you..." She stopped and looked up, realizing that the light was leaving the sky. The sun sank below the horizon as if the clock had been sped up, rendering it completely dark outside within seconds. It sent chills up her spine to see the sky become black so quickly. "Oh God. Quinn, why you have to be in the shower? I wish you were here."

        The streetlights did not switch on, like they should after the sun had gone down. Svetlana walked toward Quinn and Jodie's apartment in the dark. She grew more apprehensive with every step she took; she couldn't help but anticipate that something was going to happen to her out here, alone, with her barely able to see her hand in front of her face.

        The streetlight she was walking past came on with a loud buzzing sound. Svetlana squealed and recoiled from it. She put a hand to her heart, letting out a little hysterical laugh. To be afraid of a streetlight... she felt so silly... until she noticed the fly meandering around on the surface of the light cover. Going around and around in a circle as the fluorescent bulb flickered.

        The dread was thick as molasses. Svetlana knew even before she turned to run that someone would be blocking her path.

        The girl standing there was taller than Samara. Old-fashioned white dress covered in streaks of grime and what could have been blood, long black hair hanging over her eyes... definitely older than Samara. The hair obscuring her face concealed her identity, but Svetlana doubted she would have known who the girl was even if she had been able to see her features. Just like Samara, she was dripping wet.

        "She wants your boyfriend," the girl said. Svetlana heard a wicked smile in her voice. "That's why you can never be friends." The girl, Charlotte, paused before taunting, "What if you die and he lives? Do you think they'll get back together?"

        Wanting no part of this, Svetlana turned to run another way and found Charlotte there too. She should have known that she couldn't escape until they were done playing with her. "You can't be allowed to go. You're meddling. Why couldn't you just mind your own business?"

        Svetlana didn't understand what she was feeling; she had the distinct impression that she had just jumped into someone else's body. This wasn't happening to her. It was happening... going to happen... to another girl. Acting out the part, Svet darted around Charlotte and ran into the trees beyond.

        "You can't get away," Charlotte laughed. "We won't have our dog taken from us."

        Samara's voice now invaded her mind. "Run, rabbit, run. Through the woods and trees to your burrow. Maybe you can make it to safety."

        Splashing through one end of a culvert filled with rainwater, Svetlana attempted to make it to the road. Leafy branches whipped at her face and arms as she tried to push them out of the way. Gotta get to the road, flag down a car. Escape from the crazy bitches.

        "Run, rabbit, run. I'm going to show you something. And you know you're not going to like it."

        Svet caught a glimpse of Samara through the trees. Just a quick flash of white dress and dark, wet hair. Standing there, looming, stalking. The child enjoyed this.

        Looking to her left, Svet caught sight of a different person standing among the trees. It was the kid, Gunnar's little brother. What was his name? Beckett? Just standing there, grinning like he knew something. A split second later, he changed into Samara, and then disappeared altogether. What was that about?

        A horrible feeling crept up Svetlana's spine; she realized that Samara was not alone out here. There was even more of them in the woods. Vanessa had mentioned that there was more than one cursed tape, and the T.A., Akemi, told Jodie about an almost identical urban legend from Japan that concerned a girl named Sadako. Is that who was causing those awful sensations of a presence out there, unseen, a black hole skulking among the trees? "Jigoku wa genjitsu da," she said on the wind. And then in clipped English, "Hell is real."

        Another one moved between two trees, pausing long enough for Svetlana to get a look at her, but only for a brief time. Long white dress covered in dirt, long dark hair obscuring her face. These ghosts, they frightened their victims by cultivating a sinister visage of that which is unseen. Even Svetlana was simultaneously curious and terrified to know what was under all that hair.

        The girl that Svet stood in for was not at all curious. Just afraid. All she wanted was to escape. But the well bitches were everywhere.

        These girls were going to band together and go after someone, a person they felt threatened by. Svetlana wished she knew who so she could warn her.

        "Run, rabbit, run. Maybe you can make it to safety," Samara taunted. "But I doubt it."

        The road was right up ahead. Svetlana ran for it, but she didn't make it. Instead, someone turned in front of her and she ran headlong into his chest.


        But no, it wasn't him. Svetlana ran right into Dean Winchester.

        She let out a squeal of surprise and then realized who it was. "You!"

        Dean had one of his shotguns in his hand. He looked at Svetlana like he'd never seen her before. "Are you in danger, miss?"

        "Hell yes I'm in danger! Those girls are here! The ghosts!" She kept close to Dean, her fingers wrapped into a tight fist bunched up in his T-shirt. "Whole bunch of 'em!"

        Dean warily scanned the nearby stand of trees, holding the gun ready. "What do they look like?"

        In confusion, Svetlana looked up at him and said, "You know! You shoot Samara in the face. She was in well, remember?"

        Now it was Dean's turn to look confused. "Who's Samara?"

        Svet, frustrated, opened her mouth to respond, but before she could, heard a soft, comforting female voice whispering in her ear. The voice said only a few words and phrases, but they filled Svetlana's mind with understanding. "Dreams. Symbols. Hoped it would help somehow. The real thing. Mysteria."

        Desperate with the knowledge that her time was limited, Svetlana grabbed Dean by the shirt and shook him. The motion barely moved him, being that he was twice her size, but it still got his attention. "You listen to me! My name Svetlana Van Curen. My boyfriend is Quinn Kirkland. We live in suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. And we have dreams about you. Some person or ghost or... something... named Mysteria put you in dreams as a symbol because she hope it would help us. Quinn is lost in denial half the time, but he always do that when things get weird. I know we're in real danger here. If you don't come, Samara will kill us!"

        Seeing her eyes fill with tears, Dean put his free hand on her shoulder. "Hey, calm down. I deal with dangerous ghosts all the time. I can help you."

        "I think that's why Mysteria do this, because you were meant to stop Samara. You don't remember what happen in the dreams before because you were just symbol. But this time, you're really here! It's just like when we dream of Quinn's funeral; we were all asleep at same time. Somewhere out there, you're asleep, and you dream right along with me. You're the real thing."

        Dean looked up sharply. Leaves and shrubs rustled in the grouping of trees nearby. He felt more than one dark presence out there; some things were so evil, they gave off vibes that were almost tangible. The entities sucked at the air like miniature black holes, as if they wanted to drag both him and the girl back to their lair. "You don't understand," Dean began. "I've seen this pattern before. The really evil fuckers out there... helpless, beautiful girl running through the forest... I dream stuff like this all the time. I won't be able to save you. Sammy calls them my anxiety dreams. People in my line of work always fear they're going to fail. Even my dad has dreams like this. It's just how we work it out." He shrugged.

        Svetlana shook her head vigorously. "No! This dream is different! Look, if this one of your anxiety dreams, would you know it was anxiety dream?"

        Blinking, he replied, "Uh... I never have in the past... not until I woke up."

        "You see?"

        Samara stepped out of the shrubs. Leaves crunched under her bare, grey feet.

        While Svetlana gasped in fear, Dean calmly furrowed his brow at the little girl, who looked more like she was being broadcast in by satellite than she was real flesh and blood, as if the child was made of television waves. At times, Samara looked solid, and the next second, she wavered like a bad connection. Dean didn't think he could behead her or slice her apart, but the shotgun should work just fine. He didn't need to see her face through all that hair to know a ghost when he saw one.

        "What up, Cousin Itt?" he said confidently. Always snarky and arrogant in the face of evil. That was how he coped, even when he knew he was bound to fail.

        Samara's response was not to acknowledge his quip, but to begin singing one of her songs. "Hush-a-bye, don't you cry, go to sleepy little baby. When you wake, you'll have cake, and all the pretty little horses..."

        Dean started to answer her with another barb. Knowing they had little time to talk, Svet cut him off. "Now, while you have chance, tell me your - " She gagged loudly. An object obstructed her throat. "Your na - " Svetlana put her hands to her neck.

        "Are you okay?" Dean asked, and patted her back hard.

        The gagging and coughing rapidly became choking. "Your na... Your name."

        "All the pretty little horses..."

        "You're choking!" He reached for Svet to help her, but suddenly grabbed his own head and winced in pain. "Son of a bitch! Where is that feedback coming from?! Fuck, that hurt!"

        She tried one more time. "Name!" With that, Svetlana's voice was cut off by the object suddenly present in her throat. It was just like when Quinn coughed up the rosary. Now she knew just how terrified and helpless he'd felt.

        Shaking his head to try to clear it, Dean acknowledged that he'd heard Svetlana by starting to answer her, but was shocked into silence when a silver ring and hook emerged from her mouth. A thin leather strap was attached to the ring. Only an inch of it was currently visible. Although she could not speak, Svetlana communicated everything she wanted to say with her eyes. She wasn't going to let him get distracted by Samara's little diversionary tactic; before Svet would allow him to do anything else, Dean needed to tell her his name. "I'm - "

        Svetlana shot up in Quinn's bed with the scream of, "Dean!" muffled in the back of her throat. She was shocked to find that the object choking her in her dream also existed in her waking life. The hook, ring, and strap hung partway out of her mouth. She made horrifying choking and gagging noises while pulling it out; it was hard to be careful and slow with the object still choking her and cutting off her air. When it seemed the strap's length might never cease, Svet fell on the floor by the bed on her knees and doubled over. Her entire body was wracked with heaves.

        Mukluk had been lying on the bathroom floor outside the shower while his master bathed, but when he heard Svetlana's sounds of distress, he started to bark and scratch at the door.

        The length of the strap eventually ended. Svetlana looked at it lying on the floor and soon realized she was looking at about twelve inches of a rein from a horse's bridle. She had just thrown up part of a leather bridle.

        The thought, "Is the rest of the bridle inside me too, just waiting to come up?" ran through her mind, and even though she was still trying to get her breath back, Svetlana burst into a hysterical laugh. It turned into upset tears. "Dean!" she screamed. "Deeeeeean!"

        Quinn came running into the room. He'd barely wrapped a towel around his waist and was dripping wet. "Svetlana, what's going on? Are you okay?!"

        "Dean! DEAN!"

        Quinn got down on the floor next to her. "What happened?! Who's Dean?"

        She pointed to the rein. "I just throw that up. I dream it."

        "Oh, God, Svet... Samara did it again." He brushed tears from her face with the backs of his fingers. "I'm sorry I wasn't there."

        "It wouldn't have mattered if you were there. You don't know how to save us. You not even admit to yourself that we're going to die!" Svetlana yelled angrily. "Only Dean know what to do."

        "Dean?" It suddenly dawned on him who she was talking about. "The blond guy we've been dreaming about?"

        "Yes. He do this kind of thing all the time. It's his job."

        Quinn rolled his eyes in jealousy. His girlfriend had more faith in a tall, gorgeous, older man than him. "People don't do stuff like this for a living, Svet. That's crazy. How do you know his name, anyway? Did he tell you in the dream?"

        "Yes, and Dean do exist. I told him our full names, and he's going to find us." Unable to help it, she started to cry again. "He will get here in time."

        A few minutes earlier, Jodie had awakened upon feeling someone shaking her by the shoulder. She raised her head up off her arms and stretched. "Oh, crap, Professor McNeal. I must've fallen asleep." The headphones were askew on her head.

        Professor McNeal took his seat at the console in the Audiovisual room and set down his mug of coffee. "That's alright. Did you not sleep well?"

        "Quinn and Svetlana kept me up half the night."

        He considered that. "Strange that they're having rather intense nightmares, but we're still experiencing virtually nothing."

        "Yeah, it is weird," Jodie agreed.

        The professor put his hands back on the various little black knobs of the video console. "Shall we get back to it, then? Maybe we can end this for them."


        Hundreds of miles away, Dean Winchester sat up in his hotel bed and sighed.

        His father was setting the small TV tray for dinner. "Hello, sleeping beauty. You hungry?"

        Ah, how Dean loved the smell of roast beef. Arby's again. "You have to ask?" He stood up and stretched. "I just had the weirdest dream."

        "Did it have anything to do with the sirens we're tracking? Sometimes they sing to you in your dreams." John Winchester set out a plastic fork for each of them.

        "No." Dean raised an eyebrow. "There was singing involved, but these were definitely not sirens." He grinned. "Curly fries. Yum."


        After Svetlana calmed down, Quinn went back to the bathroom to finish his shower - he hadn't wanted to leave her, but she insisted so she could be alone for a little while. She hadn't felt this broken since...

        Svet took out her cell phone, selected a number, and just stared at the display for a full minute before sending the call.

        The display had indicated that the number to be called belonged to someone in Holland.



Vanessa7days [6:22PM]: Those students from Boston uploaded a new pic to the board today.

Antici PationV [6:22PM]: really? I haven't been there yet. What's it of?

Vanessa7days [6:24PM]: Hard to describe. Samara standing against a wall. They put a whole story on the board to go with it. It's this totally narly thing about Samara actualy coming to their room and scratching on the walls to scare them. They claim they communicated w/ her using a system of scratchings. Once for yes, twice for no, that kind of thing.

Antici PationV [6:24PM]: you're kidding!!! What's she say?

Antici PationV [6:24PM]: what'd

Vanessa7days [6:25PM]: that if they didn't do something 4 her, she was going to kill 'em

Vanessa7days [6:25PM]: They're scared shitless *eg*

Antici PationV [6:27PM]: you haven't told them yet

Vanessa7days [6:27PM]: Told them what?

Antici PationV [6:27PM]: How to escape the curse

Vanessa7days [6:28PM]: Nope. What's it to you?

Antici PationV [6:28PM]: It just seems cruel, is all.

Vanessa7days [6:28PM]: i told you I'd take care of it. Stay out of it, ok?

Vanessa7days [6:30PM]: OKAY?

Antici PationV [6:30PM]: yeah

Vanessa7days [6:30PM]: what's the probelm?

Antici PationV [6:30PM]: Nothing.

Vanessa7days [6:30PM]: How is this any different from any other newbie who comes on the board and suffers thru their 7 days while we sit back and watch?

Antici PationV [6:30PM]: I don't know, I just don't think being the kids who sit in the back an blow spitballs at the person giving their oral report is that much fun anymore.

Vanessa7days [6:31PM]: So youre better than that now?

Antici PationV [6:31PM]: it's not that. I just feel sorry for them

Vanessa7days [6:31PM]: You feel horny for him

Antici PationV [6:31PM]: Shut up

Vanessa7days [6:31PM]: It's like Kyle all over again. Fucking Kyle.

Vanessa7days [6:32PM]: what r u going to do about it?

Antici PationV [6:32PM]: nothing.

Vanessa7days [6:33PM]: What are u planning, you stupid fatass fuck?

Antici PationV [6:33PM]: What did you just say to me????!!!1

Vanessa7days [6:33PM]: You think I don't know about your little pact with the pretty boy??!!

Antici PationV [6:33PM]: Who?!

Vanessa7days [6:33PM]: That's real convincing, pretending you don't know. Mr Blond Shotgun Dude, the hunk they've all been dreaming about.

Antici PationV [6:33PM]: I don't know what you're talking about! Don't talk to me ;ike that, okay? I'm not planning anything!

Vanessa7days [6:34PM]: BULLSHIT. Samara gave me a little present today. She sent me a dream. In it, you and the Blond were plotting together. Whispering behind my back. What the fuck is his name?

Antici PationV [6:34PM]: I don't know! I Don't know him!

Vanessa7days [6:34PM]: I dont beleive you, bitch

Antici PationV [6:34PM]: I'm telling the TRUTH!!!

Vanessa7days [6:34PM]: Then what was this dream supposed to mean?

Antici PationV [6:34PM]: Maybe it was just something you're worried about coming out in a dream. Like an anxiety dream.

Vanessa7days [6:34PM]: I don't ever worry about what YOU'RE going to do, pleb.

Antici PationV [6:35PM]: Then why are you biting my head off now? You obviously DO worry about what I'm going to do.

Vanessa7days [6:35PM]: Don't flatter yourself.

Antici PationV [6:35PM]: Just pointing out the obvious.

Vanessa7days [6:35PM]: Fuck you

Antici PationV [6:35PM]: Right back at you.

Vanessa7days [6:36PM]: I will BURY you on the board, do you understand me? You are DEAD to everone there. When I'm thru w/ you, you'll WISH Samara finished you off.

Antici PationV [6:36PM]: GODDAMNIT, Vanessa, I DIDNT DO ANYTHING. I DON'T know him!!! It was jut a dream!!!

Vanessa7days [6:37PM]: That's your story and your sticking to it?

Antici PationV [6:37PM]: Yes. It's the truth.

Vanessa7days [6:37PM]: I should've known you couldn't attract the attention of a guy that good-looking.

Antici PationV [6:38PM]: Whatever, yes, exactly

Vanessa7days [6:38PM]: You swear you're not up to any shit?

Antici PationV [6:38PM]: I swear.

Vanessa7days [6:38PM]: You'll swear on a stack of bibles?

Antici PationV [6:39PM]: as soon as I stop crying

Vanessa7days [6:39PM]: oh boohoo, cry me a river

Antici PationV [6:39PM]: brutal bitch

Antici PationV signed off at 6:39PM.

it won't stop

The Ringu film series is (c) 1998 The Ring/The Spiral Production Group. It is based on the novels by Koji Suzuki. My fanfic is more based on ideas presented in the films, which were created by director Hideo Nakata and screenwriter Hiroshi Takahashi.
The motion picture The Ring is (c) 2002 DreamWorks Pictures. The title "She Just Wanted to Be Heard" comes from a line of dialogue spoken by Rachel Keller in this movie. The motion picture The Ring Two is (c) 2005 DreamWorks Pictures.
I do not know if the prequel, The Ring 3, will have any bearing on this story or not until I see it.
Supernatural is (c) 2005 Kripke Enterprises, Wonderland, & Warner Brothers/The CW Television.
Everything else is (c) Demented Stuff.

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