Day 37: The End of Forever

She Just Wanted to Be Heard
Day 37: The End of Forever
Part of Story Arc 1: Counterclockwise
A "The Ring/Ringu" Fanfic
by Laurel (Sailorhathor)

Chapters: 37 of 100
Rating: Overall Rating Sup13+ (adult theme; horror elements that might be too scary for children under 13; bad language)
Dates: Begun September 2006. Some material is based on previously written stories from 2003-2005. This chapter was written in June 2010.
Word Count: 3,553
Summary: The biggest secrets of the Bloodworth family are finally revealed to Cheyenne.
Warning: Contains spoilers for the entire Ringu and The Ring series.
Beta Thanks: Thanks to Sammie for beta'ing this chapter!
Fanfic Challenges: Fits [info]50_darkfics Prompt #37 Forever and [info]Coclaim100 Prompt #37 Champagne.
Author's Notes: X-over with the TV series Supernatural. Set pre-series, during Sam's years at Stanford.

        Rowan knew this moment would come one day. The moment he had to tell his sister the truth of how she was born.

        He just didn't think it would happen this way, so abruptly, out of nowhere. Forced into it.

        "Chey," he began, "this isn't an easy thing for me to say..."

        "So it's true?"

        Rowan swallowed hard, taking a long pause. "Yes. Yes, it's true. Heptamera bore children of human women, and you are one of them."

        A bewildered look on her face, her fists balled at her sides, Cheyenne went to the curtain and angrily whipped it aside to reveal the painting of Heptamera on the wall. The scaly face of a sea serpent stared back at them. "What the hell are you saying?" She hit the painting with her open palm. "That's a sea creature. A monster. A myth. How can I be its child?" Cheyenne smacked herself in the chest. "I'm a human being."

        "Only half human," Tristan said. His voice came out choked; he hated saying these things to her because he had often questioned the possibility himself.

        Rowan tried to explain the things he had read in Alexandra's journal, the things she had told him herself. "Heptamera wanted an heir on land, so he mated with a human woman while she swam in the Mediterranean Sea. That woman was Alexandra Baptiste. Since then, Heptamera has taken to the oceans and mated several more times, producing more children. You are one of them."

        After listening to all this, Cheyenne began to laugh, the sound bordering on hysterical. The passages she had read in the Grimoire pointed to this possibility, she had read them herself, but she didn't want to believe it. "You're both crazy. How can you believe this?" She showed them her arms. "Do you see any scales? Is my blood green? Maybe I should go jump in the bathtub and see if I sprout gills; would that make you happy?"

        "Cheyenne, I know it's unbelievable. I hardly believed it myself when Alexandra first told me, but it's true. Haven't you ever wondered where your powers came from? The thing with the photographic plates?"

        "So you have to be a sea serpent to have psychic abilities?"

        "But you can do more." Rowan approached this subject as carefully as possible, knowing that Cheyenne didn't talk about it. "What happened to the doctor during the experiments."

        She leveled a hard look at him. "You want to stop that line of thinking right there, Rowan."

        "What about what happened in the psychomantium that last day?"

        Tristan spoke up again. "Don't do this to her, Rowan."

        "Fine. Fine, Cheyenne. You don't want to face it, don't face it." He made a show of cleaning up the glass on the floor, retrieving a small wastebasket. "I never wanted you to know anyway."

        Cheyenne, for her own part, changed the subject. She went over to the painting For Quinn and stood in front of it. "What was that about this painting? About this girl being The Destroyer, and something about a family named Winchester?"

        Getting on his knees to pick up the pieces of the ashtray, Rowan asked her, "Who do you think those men are, in the painting?"

        Cheyenne touched the painted image of Sam Winchester. "This is our grandfather, Matthias Christaller. Grandma Suzette's husband." Then she touched the image of Dean Winchester. "And this is his brother, Hans."

        "You see, that was another deception," Rowan explained, a bitter laugh escaping him. "That is actually Sam Winchester and his brother, Dean. They just look like our grandfather and his brother, so we let you think they were."

        Cheyenne was dumbfounded. "What?"

        Rowan made that frustrated, bitter sound again. He hated being pushed into this situation. "You know that Matthias Christaller was born in 1930, right?"

        Looking insulted, she responded, "Of course."

        "How old does he look in that painting?"

        Cheyenne looked at Sam Winchester in the work of art. "About 25 or so."

        "Which would make it 1955." Glaring at her inquisitively, Rowan asked, "Does that man in the painting look like he's from 1955?"

        Cheyenne said nothing, examining the painting closely.

        Tristan added, "Look at his clothes. His hairstyle."

        She whirled around at him, snapping, "No, no, of course not. It's all far too modern." Cheyenne looked from one man to the other. "Why do these Winchester men look like our relatives?"

        "Because they are their reincarnations." Standing up, Rowan crossed to the painting. "Sam Winchester is the reincarnation of our grandfather, Matthias Christaller, and his brother Dean the reincarnation of Hans."

        None of this made any sense to her. "Why?"

        "I don't know," Rowan shrugged. He touched the painting, on the girl's skirt. "This girl has been fated to be the one who will destroy all of Heptamera's children. Alexandra predicted it in this painting, but she has never known the year. When Matthias and Hans came along, she was convinced they would be the ones to team up with this girl and kill everyone. But it didn't happen. With the birth of Dean and Sam Winchester, now it makes sense."

        "But... wait a minute... Alexandra said that Grandma Suzette and her sister were two of these children, the daughters of Heptamera."


        She looked up at Sam Winchester, who mirrored her grandfather's features in every way. "Grandpa Matthias loved her. There's no question that he loved our grandmother."

        "Exactly. This painting isn't about him."

        Cheyenne brought up a question that seemed obvious to her. "Then how do we know these are Dean and Sam Winchester?"

        Both Rowan and Tristan gave that some thought, glancing at each other.

        She continued, "Maybe there is some pattern here, but not the one you expect."

        Rowan shook his head. "No, no. I see where you're going with this, I do, but that is Dean and Sam Winchester. I know it because it's no coincidence that we found The Destroyer now. It's coming. The day of reckoning is coming." He smacked the painting on Dean Winchester's side. It made a hollow thumping sound, like cardboard rattling in the wind. "This is why you need to know what's going on, Cheyenne. Maybe I was wrong to keep it from you for so long. But these people are all alive, right now, out there somewhere. It would be very easy for them to come together." Her brother got right in her face, backing her against the wall as he spoke. "You've got to face this thing, Chey, because they're coming. Did you see those ghosts that came in here? They've all been murdered. In each story, someone threw them or chased them into a well and they died down there, Cheyenne. It is fated that this is going to happen to every Daughter fathered by Heptamera. Every one."

        Cheyenne gasped, glaring at her brother with wide eyes.

        "Each one of those girls has come back a bitter, angry, vengeful ghost and she has killed in the name of her grudge. They're all mad, Cheyenne. Completely and utterly mad. And people like the Winchesters and this girl Danica think they are monsters. They kill monsters, Cheyenne." Rowan took her by the shoulders. "If you don't accept this and try to figure out some way to stop it, it will happen to you, too."

        A beat of silence and Cheyenne's face contorted into a twisted mass of anger, shoving him away. She stared at her brother, still breathing hard with the emotional intensity of everything they had discussed. "This is crazy," she repeated.

        Tristan lowered his head in defeat.

        Cheyenne declared, "I will not prepare for things that don't concern me," and left the vault, the door standing open.

        The two men said nothing for several long seconds. "You weren't very subtle," Tristan criticized.

        Shaking his head, Rowan began, "How do you be subtle with - "

        Cheyenne came back in. She didn't say anything to her brother or cousin, marching straight to the storage room and coming out with the painting she'd been looking for, the one of Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite. The only thing she said to them was, "I'm putting this up in my living room," before flouncing back out of the room.

        Neither man objected; honestly, they wouldn't have told her she couldn't do anything at that moment.

        Rosalita wasn't positive what had happened between the siblings in the last ten minutes. The only thing she was sure of after seeing the look on Miss Bloodworth's face as she marched back out of that vault was that someone had opened a Pandora's box of family secrets in there.


        An hour later, Rowan found a bottle of champagne missing from the rack in the big refrigerator. It was shortly after that he heard the glass breaking in his sister's wing of the house. By the time he and Tristan got there, Cheyenne had locked herself in her rooms and there were several picture frames on the floor in the hallway, knocked carelessly off the wall. The glass from their frames was strewn all over the hardwood. Both men quickly noticed that Cheyenne had targeted only the photos of herself with Bill Bloodworth, the man she had grown up thinking was her father.

        "Let's give her some time," Tristan said. Rowan looked at the floor, but nodded his agreement. "She's had a big shock tonight. She needs some time to digest this."

        As Rosalita had gone home for the night, they set about getting a broom to clean up the glass.

        Inside her locked rooms, Cheyenne picked up the bottle of champagne and took another swig of it while examining the painting she had just hung on the wall over the mantle. She tilted her head. Was it hung straight? It was hard to tell when one was half drunk. Cheyenne decided it wasn't quite straight and went to nudge the bottom right corner just a hair, just a little bit.

        She ignored the ghost hovering close to her fireplace. "I know what you must be going through, Cheyenne," said Alexandra.

        "Don't use that soothing mother hen voice on me," she retorted, nudging the painting. Suddenly thinking of a scene that was in every episode of Scooby Doo, Cheyenne wondered if she should be running the other way, screaming "A gh-gh-gh-ghooooost!", and that made her snicker.

        Alexandra looked up at the painting. "It doesn't shake you even a little, that I painted that scene over 200 years before it happened?"

        "I try not to think about it." Cheyenne, remembering the many days she spent looking at those beautiful falls, holding her mother's hand, added, "But thank you."

        "You're welcome."

        Cheyenne took a seat on her couch with the bottle of champagne and just gazed up at the painting in silence. Alexandra took advantage of the quiet, trying to get the girl to talk to her. "It must seem unbelievable, that you could be the child of a mythical creature."

        "Really fucking unbelievable, yeah. No less unbelievable than sitting here talking to a ghost, but..."

        Alexandra made no comment on the joke. "For weeks after my encounter with Heptamera, I couldn't believe it either. But you don't have to believe it all at once. Over time, if you think about it, you'll see the signs from the past. They will add up." The ghost moved around the second couch to be a little closer to Cheyenne. "We can prove it to you, you know. Bit by bit, we can help you see that it's true."

        Thinking then of the passages she had read in Alexandra's book, Cheyenne said, "I've been reading your Grimoire. Rowan doesn't know about it because I snuck it out of his room." She took a deep breath before continuing. "Did you write about me in that book?"

        Alexandra nodded. "There will be a daughter born in the late 20th century who will be named for a tribe of savages, and also cities, and she will see and project things for all to view, like the ones who came before her. Her bloodline has borne and will bear Heptamera several wives, as he savors the return. But the one who pretends to be her mortal father will hurt her, and allow others to hurt her, and study her, and it will make her suffer. One of the outsiders will stir her heart, and the song will stir her anger, and we may lose her to them. He will encourage her to tear it all down, and she will." Before finishing the passage, she took a dramatic pause. "She will bring it all down to spite them."

        Cheyenne took another deep breath, but this one was audibly shaky. "What does it mean?"

        "We don't know. Yet."

        "Does Heptamera know?"

        Hm. So the girl's interest was growing. "No. He just receives the prophetic words; he does not always know to what they refer."

        "Huh." Cheyenne went back to staring at the painting.

        Not wanting to lose her, Alexandra went on talking. "I don't want you to be frightened by what I'm about to say, but Heptamera is very interested in you and what you may be capable of."

        "Really?" Cheyenne drank from the champagne bottle. When she lowered it, she asked, "And why is that?"

        "Because of all the Daughters of Heptamera who are currently living, you are the purest."

        That revelation was so dumbfounding that Cheyenne could not speak for several seconds. "The... purest? What the hell are you talking about?"

        Alexandra explained it as gently as she could, but there wasn't really a subtle way to go about it. "Your grandmother Suzette was a child of Heptamera. She was half human, half divine serpent. Her child and your mother, Lillian, was born of a human father. Heptamera was unable to coax Suzette Christaller away from her husband and produce another heir. That resulted in your mother being only one-fourth divine serpent."

        "Uh, okay." Cheyenne rolled her eyes. "I'm keeping up so far."

        "Your brother was born from the union of Lillian and her husband, Bill Bloodworth, so he is only one-eighth divine serpent. But you... you were born of Lillian Bloodworth and Heptamera. When you mix someone who is one-fourth divine and a creature that is all divine, you get a child who is five-eighths divine serpent. Roughly sixty-three percent. That is you, Cheyenne."

        Again, she could not speak at first. "What you... you're telling me is... I am more than halfway toward being a seamonster."

        "Divine serpent," Alexandra tried to correct, but in a gentle tone.

        "Pffft." Not looking at her, Cheyenne took a few gulps from the champagne bottle. "You're insane," she said, and hiccuped.

        Alexandra did not respond to the insult; instead, she mused, "If you and Heptamera had a child, it would be more than eighty-one percent divine."

        To that, Cheyenne just laughed. "Like that's ever happening. What are you nutsoes trying to do, inbreed yourselves into a hideous human-seamonster hybrid?"

        "No." Alexandra only smiled at her with a bit of mischief. "Heptamera hopes to breed with his Daughters until he has a mate who is almost one-hundred percent divine."

        Cheyenne laughed again, much harder. "Oh my God, you're crazy! That sounds like something you got out of a cheesy B-movie. The Serpent that Ate Chicago."

        "I understand your skepticism. Maybe one day, you'll feel differently." Watching her take another swig from the bottle, Alexandra thought she must cut to the chase before Cheyenne was so drunk she could no longer comprehend anything she was saying. "As I said, I can prove it to you. You have abilities beyond what we have seen before. The other Daughters have been only half divine. You are more."

        "Yeah, yeah."

        "Well, if you don't believe me, then submit to a test I have devised. Maybe you will prove us all wrong." Alexandra leaned over, closer to her. "What have you got to lose?"

        Squinting her eyes, Cheyenne thought it over, the lip of the champagne bottle only inches from her mouth. "A test? What kind of test?"

        "If what you say is right, then nothing will happen. All you have to do is follow my instructions."

        "Hm." Cheyenne drank from the bottle. "Okay." Hiccup. "I'll take your test. Just tell me when."

        "Let me prepare first. I'll let you know when we're ready."

        Raising the bottle in a salute, Cheyenne nodded once and then continued drinking.

        "You really should go easier on that champagne, dear. You'll regret it in the morning." On her way to the door, Alexandra suddenly turned back, leaned down, and said in Cheyenne's ear, "Heptamera really wasn't trying to hurt you that last day in the psychomantium, Cheyenne. He only got a bit overeager to... see what you were capable of."

        The anger seethed in her so hard and so fast that Cheyenne had already launched the champagne bottle at the door before Alexandra had fully left the room. The ghost melted through the door as the bottle shattered against it, spraying champagne out like an exploding firecracker.

        Left alone with her thoughts, Cheyenne allowed herself to think what would happen if this whole Heptamera thing was real. Apparently, the creature wanted his "curse" to go on forever, or at least until he had his "pure" mate, which could take several generations and hundreds of years. Was any of that fair to her and his other Daughters? What say did they have in their own births?

        He will encourage her to tear it all down, and she will. She will bring it all down to spite them.

        Perhaps her place in this whole thing was to bring forever to an end.


        "Your sister has agreed to my tests."

        Rowan looked up from where he was flipping through the paintings in the storage room, trying to figure out which one his sister had taken. He'd only seen it from the back. "What, Alexandra?"

        The ghost put her hand over his. "She took the one of Bridal Veil Falls."

        Rowan remembered that painting. "Oh."

        "It's now hanging over her fireplace."

        "Well... I guess that one is okay for her to display. It's not like we need it for..."

        "Agreed. Let her have it. It will keep her happy."

        With a nod, Rowan began putting some of the white sheets back over the rows of paintings.

        Tristan had been out in the vault sweeping up glass, but upon hearing Alexandra's voice, came to the door. "What is it, Alexandra?"

        "I came to tell you that I got Cheyenne to agree to my tests."

        Rowan, surprised with this development, blurted, "How did you do that?"

        "I just talked to her." Alexandra smiled. It was a predatory smile, with squinted eyes. "I told her she has abilities beyond compare because she is the purest living Daughter. Cheyenne still will not accept she is a child of Heptamera, so she is interested in proving me wrong. I challenged her. If she doesn't have these amazing abilities, then nothing will happen. If she does..."

        Grinning as well, Tristan finished her thought. "Either way, we win."

        "Yes. And Cheyenne will accept her destiny."

        Tristan caught his cousin's troubled eye; Rowan was clearly disturbed with the various possible outcomes. "I don't want to traumatize my sister. But, if she doesn't accept this... the Winchesters and their team will kill her."

        "This entire ordeal has been traumatizing for all of us. Trust me, Rowan. Your sister will be better off once she realizes that everything she has denied is the truth."

        Again, Tristan grinned. The idea of Cheyenne using her powers against those who would persecute and murder her... he liked that thought.

        "If we're going to do this, then we must prepare," Rowan said with a sigh. "It's your plan, Alexandra. What now?"

        She went to a row of paintings that had not yet been covered and began flipping through them without touching them, miming with her finger just above the paintings while she used the power of her mind to make them move. "I have been preparing for this for a while, Rowan. There are others who have been fated to join The Destroyer and the Winchesters in their quest to end the reign of Heptamera. You know of them."

        Rowan nodded. "Yes."

        "We're going to use this test to take care of more of them, one way or another. Ah, here." Alexandra indicated a painting, hovering her long ghostly finger over it. Tristan stepped into the storage room and pulled the painting out so they could all see it. "I have been working for months to bring us a bargaining chip. They are almost here. And then we'll take another member of this team of murderers out of the running."

        The men looked at the painting. "Ohhh. I see," Rowan said in recognition.

        "It's one of your works that has never been reproduced in any of the books written about you," Tristan stated, a little confused.

        "Exactly." Alexandra snickered and covered her mouth. "So even if they research us, they won't see this coming."

        Everyone looked at the painting. It was a portrait of Lassiter McNeal and his deceased wife, Diane.

        The title was The Psychic and the Exorcist.

        "One down," Alexandra tittered, "one to go."

it won't stop

The Ringu series is (c) 1998 The Ring/The Spiral Production Group. It is based on the novels by Koji Suzuki. My fanfic is more based on ideas presented in the films, which were created by director Hideo Nakata and screenwriter Hiroshi Takahashi.
The motion picture The Ring is (c) 2002 DreamWorks Pictures. The title "She Just Wanted to Be Heard" comes from a line of dialogue spoken by Rachel Keller in this movie. The motion picture The Ring Two is (c) 2005 DreamWorks Pictures. This fanfic is heavily inspired by ideas presented in the American movies, which were directed by Gore Verbinski and Hideo Nakata and written by Ehren Kruger.
I do not know if the prequel, The Ring 3, will have any bearing on this story or not until I see it.
Supernatural is (c) 2005 Kripke Enterprises, Wonderland, & Warner Brothers/The CW Television.
Everything else is (c) Demented Stuff.

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