Day 39: Baku, Eat my Bad Dreams

She Just Wanted to Be Heard
Day 39: Baku, Eat my Bad Dreams
Part of Story Arc 1: Counterclockwise
A "The Ring/Ringu" Fanfic
by Laurel (Sailorhathor)

Chapters: 39 of 100
Rating: Overall Rating Sup13+ (adult theme; horror elements that might be too scary for children under 13; bad language)
Dates: Begun September 2006. Some material is based on previously written stories from 2003-2005. This chapter was written in July 2010.
Word Count: 3,388
Summary: Dean and the other dreamers meet the real Heptamera. Meredith calls Sam because she is being followed by a ghostly china cabinet.
Warning: Contains spoilers for the entire Ringu and The Ring series. Drug use.
Beta Thanks: Thanks to Sammie for beta'ing this chapter!
Fanfic Challenges: Fits [info]50_darkfics Prompt #39 Eternal and [info]Coclaim100 Prompt #39 Choice.
Author's Notes: X-over with the TV series Supernatural. Set pre-series, during Sam's years at Stanford. Brady/OFC.

        The water coming in around the door of the elevator was going to fill it quicker than they could reach the first floor, it seemed, as the little light that indicated what floor they had reached lit up so infrequently that Dean started to wonder if the elevator was moving at all. He looked up at the ceiling. "Do you see a door we could use to climb on top of the elevator?"

        "That won't help! The water's all around us!" Quinn yelled. The dark water was now up to their ankles; Quinn let Svetlana climb up on him, bracing her other foot against the vending machine to keep her out of the water as long as possible.

        "I can't swim!" she cried to Dean.

        He ran a hand over his face. "Oh, great." Dean smacked the side of the elevator. "Come on, let's move it!"

        Within twenty seconds, the water was up to their knees. It was rushing in like a torrent now. Black videotapes floated all around them. "What's with the tapes?" Dean asked, speaking loud enough to be heard over the rushing water.

        "They're cursed!" Svetlana said. "That's what you save us from!"

        Dean just stared at her a moment. "What?!" Videotapes? Cursed? Huh?

        Before he could say anymore, the water started to rush in even faster. Svetlana screamed. Quinn backed up against her to give her more body to climb up on; he was practically giving her a piggieback ride.

        "We can't stay in here," Dean said. "Even if we climb up on the vending machine, this thing is going to fill up like a water tank. We gotta get these doors open." Standing right in the flow of the water, he tried to pry the elevator doors apart. It made Dean stumble and turn his head away, water rushing in his face, but he kept at it.

        "Is that a good idea? The water will just come in faster!" Quinn said in protest. The black water had reached their waists.

        "At least we'll be at a floor or between floors and can get out of this elevator," Dean replied. He looked up at the floor indicator; they were at the third floor now.

        "Svet, I gotta help him. You hold onto the vending machine, okay?"

        "Okay!" She grabbed onto the top of the machine, wrapping one arm around its corner. The water level was so high that she could tread it at this point.

        Quinn went to the doors and tried to pry them open too. "Maybe we should ram 'em with the vending machine!"

        Taking one last look at the floor indicator, Dean saw it flash over to "1," and there came a "Ding" just before the doors opened. The water rushed in full force.

        Svetlana screamed out, jagged and panicked, just before she went under.

        Just after they were all swallowed up, the water rushed back out the open doors into the lobby area. All three went sliding out with the waves. Dean and Quinn found themselves lying on the wet carpet, panting and soaked to the skin. "Fuckin' hell," Dean moaned.

        Quinn turned over. "Svetlana? Svetlana, where are you?"

        She poked her head up over the side of the vending machine, which was lying on its front in the middle of the floor. "I'm okay," she said, and flopped over the back of the machine.

        Dean watched, dumbfounded, as a rowboat with what appeared to be a dead guy in it floated bumpily by him on the five or so inches of water now submerging the lobby. He sat up, a playing card stuck to his chest. "What the fuck is going on around here?"

        Jodie, Akemi, and Baku-san came running, and splashing, down the stairs. "You guys okay?" Jodie called, then had to fumble for the railing as she almost slipped and fell.

        The loud roar of the monster that had been following them came rumbling out of the elevator shaft. Quinn was just getting to his feet when the elevator was crushed flat and the creature that had done it began to draw itself out of the shaft. Everyone let out a scream, except Dean; he just cussed out loud again.

        "It's a dragon!" Akemi screeched.

        The monster did indeed look a bit like a dragon, or some sort of long extinct dinosaur. His body was long and serpentine, between two and three feet in diameter and covered with green scales. The body was supported by four feet, three toes each, the toes ending in sharp white claws. Pointed fins lined his back all the way down his long tapered tail, giving him a spine similar to a stegosaurus. The beast moved his head as he looked from one person to another. The face, covered in scales, jutted out in a dragon-like snout full of sharp teeth and was outlined with a lizard's frill behind the pointed ears. A black, forked tongue snaked out of his mouth to wet his snout. The frill brushed the raised ceiling; he was nearly twenty feet tall when measured from the floor to the top of his head.

        The monster's eyes were a piercing gold with ebony, thin pupils, much like a cat. They glistened, glittering marbles.

        As the others got to their feet, the beast's voice invaded their minds. "I am Heptameradaimon," he said telepathically. "Most of you have heard of me."

        Dean put a hand to his temple, massaging it with two fingers. "We're gonna need a bigger boat," he quipped.

        "I thought you might want to get a look at the father of those girls; the reapers of my eternal vengeance; my lovely, glorious daughters. Some of you may see me again."

        The baku turned and growled at Heptamera, adopting a stance of impending battle.

        Heptamera laid back his ears. The corners of his mouth turned up in what could only be an amused smirk. He took a few steps forward on his big clawed feet, body undulating sinuously. "Do you want to fight?"

        The baku let out a roar that sounded like a cross between an elephant's cry and a tiger's growl.

        "Baku, eat my bad dreams!" Akemi shouted.

        Heptamera chuckled. "Come on, then."

        The baku charged the daimon and they met in the middle, teeth gnashing. A second later and they were rolling across the wet floor; the fight produced such loud crashing sounds that Jodie and Svetlana cried out and covered their ears against it. Quinn fell when the floor shook under everyone's feet, but he hardly noticed because he was watching the battle in awe. Was that thing real?

        Dean grabbed Quinn by the arm and pulled him up off his behind. "Get out of here. Everyone get outside!"

        The command brought them out of their stunned state and they all piled out the front doors into the street just as Heptamera's body crashed into the back wall. Debris buried the spot where they had just been.

        "Baku-san! Baku-san will rip him apart!" Akemi said, her voice full of hope.

        "God, what is that thing? Is it real?" Quinn asked no one in particular.

        Svetlana screamed and backed up at every crash from inside the building. She wrung her hands together in front of her chest, her breath coming out in hysterical gasps.

        Akemi turned and looked across from the college campus, not really knowing why. She spotted a little shop with a flag mounted next to the door. The shop was called Nihongo Curios. Akemi had never been there; she came from Japan, what did she need with a Japanese shop in America? But now, she could feel it pulling her in. Go, a voice said. Soon.

        Pointing at his face, Jodie said to Dean, "Your nose is bleeding."

        He started to reach up to wipe it away, but at that moment, Heptamera and the baku smashed through the front glass doors of the campus building.

        Everyone screamed and scattered. Several of them hid behind a cement enclosure with low walls that held outdoor plants and trees. They peeked from behind it to see what would happen next.

        Although Heptamera did have a few injuries on his face and body, it was obvious he had the upper hand. As they watched, he held the baku's mouth open with his claws and simply began to press down on both sides of the creature's jaw.

        "No!" Akemi yelled. "No, don't!"

        Everyone winced at the sickening snapping sound that followed. The baku twitched and then lay motionless, its jaws hanging slack, askew.

        "Baku-san!" Akemi screamed with anguish.

        Dean sighed, lowering his head, fists clenched.

        Heptamera stepped over the baku. "You see... I cannot be killed. I am eternal."

        A fresh drop of blood running from his nose, Dean walked out from behind the cement wall. "Everything can be killed. Even a big fish like you."

        Heptamera smirked again. He regarded Dean with amusement and wonder. "You... you will be involved in killing me? What are you but a puny little human. I do not fear you. No matter what you or anyone in your family may think, I do not fear you. Now, I will give you a choice. Turn back, or suffer. You have been against me for more than one lifetime, and I have grown weary of it. So... turn back now. Or suffer."

        Dean heard the regretful weeping of the pretty Japanese girl behind him, the glass crunching under the beast's feet, the ragged breathing from the blonde girl whom he thought might be Russian. This monster spoke of him like it knew him, but it didn't. It didn't know Dean Winchester at all if it actually thought he would turn back from a challenge.

        With his own devil-may-care smirk, Dean raised his shotgun. "Everyone suffers," he said, and shot the beast in the face.

        All those who had been in the dream awakened then, most with a gasp and a jerk that shook the bed.

        Akemi immediately looked at the bedside table where the baku keychain had been, but it was on the floor now instead. Broken into several pieces. Her face was wet with tears that had already been shed.

        Quinn charged into the living room and turned on the light. Wincing and covering her eyes, Jodie sleepily sat up on the couch. "You were wrong," he said. His hands were shaking. "We made copies of the tape and we're still having those nightmares."

        "Quinn, quit busting my chops," Jodie replied, rubbing her eyes. "I don't know exactly how this shit works."

        Svetlana came into the room, padding slowly down the hall. She almost bumped into Danica on her way out of the other bedroom.

        "What's goin' on?" Danica asked, yawning.

        Jodie continued. "Maybe you continue having nightmares until your seven days are up. You'll notice that I haven't been having all the nightmares that you guys have, but I did have this one. That proves this shit is unpredictable. My seven days aren't up either."

        "Did you guys have another bad dream?" Danica questioned.

        "Yes." Quinn sighed heavily.

        An uneasy quiet settled between them. Svetlana broke the silence by mumbling, "I'm calling Dean tomorrow," to herself.

        When Dean snapped awake in bed, he was startled for a second time by his father's voice, coming from the bed next to his. "It's about time you woke up."

        Dean looked over at John Winchester in the dark. The moonlight coming in through the crack between the curtains illuminated enough of his father's face for Dean to tell that he was annoyed by something; his brow was furrowed and his mouth tight. "What's up, Dad?"

        "You've been talking in your sleep for almost a full minute," John replied, putting his arm back under the covers and lying back down. "Woke me up."

        "Sorry. I was having a doozy of a dream." Dean was about to say more, but he realized with growing horror that he was soaking wet. Just like the nightmare, submerged in that dark water. "Dad... something really weird is going on here."


        "I've been having these dreams about all this weird stuff, and a girl... a blonde girl... she's in all of them. I think she's Russian or... European?"

        "Is this the dream about the bikini massage team from Switzerland?" John asked, annoyed, trying to get back to sleep.

        Dean did a double-take at his father, sitting up in bed. "What? No, Dad. This is serious."

        With a sigh, John rubbed at his eyes, propping himself up with his pillow. "Fine. Tell me about the dream." Dean reached for the lamp, and he added, "But leave the light off."

        "Okay." Dean, getting up, hunted for new clothes in the dark. "Here's the first one for you. I'm soaking wet."

        "I thought you outgrew that."

        "Ha, ha. In the dream, I was submerged in water, and now I wake up and I'm all wet. First weird thing. Second, I dreamed of this girl earlier in the week. Some stranger I've never met. Her name was... I don't know, it was weird. Foreign. Sss... Something-lana."

        "You sure it wasn't Suzette?"

        In the middle of changing his underwear, Dean squinted at his father, asking, "Why would you say that?"

        "Because you were crying out her name in your sleep. 'Matthias, you must listen to me. Your wife is dangerous. Suzette is a monster. Suzette is one of them. Matthias, Matthias!' You sounded pretty upset."

        "Really?" Dean put a new T-shirt on over his head. "I don't get it."

        "I don't either." Resigned to the fact that this conversation was going to take a little time, John turned on the light. "Especially since you said it with a German accent."

        Dean shielded his eyes from the glare, looking away from the lamp. "What?" The forest animals on the motel's gaudy wallpaper stared back at him.

        With a nod, John got out of bed. "You better tell me about these dreams in great detail. I think the sirens have gotten to you." He sat at the table in the motel room in which they were staying and picked up a pen and a little pad with the motel's name on it. The Big Game Motel, it said. "That's part of how they work."

        "I don't think this has anything to do with the sirens. But I'll tell you all about the dreams anyway." Sitting on the corner of his bed, Dean began to rattle off every detail he could recall about the nightmares and the girl.

        In the background, his wet clothes hung off the antlers of the moosehead on the wall.


        Sam almost knocked his phone off the scratched up, rickety nightstand by his bed in an effort to get a hold of it in the dark. The sun was still down; who could be calling this late at night? For a moment, Sam wasn't sure it was the same night in which he and Meredith Carroll had broken into Keaner's office; he could still see her with that film in her hands and a shit-eating grin on her face. Maybe he'd slept through the entire day and into night. But once he saw who was calling, he surmised that it must still be the same night, only a few hours later.

        The display on his phone said CALLER ID, MEREDITH CARROLL. 4:27AM.

        "Meredith? What's up?" Sam asked sleepily.

        "Sam? Sam, can you... I'm sorry, I know it's really late, but..." Her voice shook, her tone was halting. "This is really awkward, I'm sorry, I hardly know you, you hardly know - "

        "Meredith, it's okay. Just tell me what's going on."

        "Well, I'm just not sure that copying the film worked. Sam, I'm still seeing things."

        "Seeing things?"

        "I know it's really, really late, but is there any way you can, um, come back over here? Please?" If he could see her, Sam would know that she was currently pacing the TV room on the third floor, where she lived. Her roommate, Tabby, sat on one of the couches with her legs crossed under her indian style, watching Meredith and shaking her head. She passed a lit joint to the boy sitting on the couch next to her, someone Sam knew, someone who also watched Meredith and shook his head at her odd behavior. Neither one understood what she had to be so nervous about.

        "Oh, Meredith, I don't know... it's 4:30 in the morning," Sam replied.

        Her voice instantly became near hysterical, shaking with impending tears. "Sam, please, please, you're the only one who knows what I'm going through! No matter where I go, it follows me everywhere! I'm afraid I'm still cursed!" Meredith bit at the dead skin at the corner of one of her fingernails.

        "It follows you everywhere? What follows you everywhere?"

        "The china cabinet!"

        She expected him to know what she was talking about. The china cabinet? It must be an image on the film. "The one from the film?"

        "Yeah. It was just suddenly there, in our dorm room. I tried to get away from it, but it followed me to the bathroom and to the TV room, too."

        "It fit in the bathroom?"

        "Sam, don't be a smartass! You know how big those communal bathrooms are. It was outside the stalls; I could hardly get out." Looking at her roommate, Meredith added, "No one can see it but me. No one can see this goddamn china cabinet but me!"

        Sighing, Sam threw his covers back and started to get out of bed. "Okay, I'm going to get dressed and head over there."

        "Why is it here, Sam?" Meredith chewed at the skin around her nail again. "What's going to happen?"

        "I don't know, but we'll figure it out, okay?" As he switched on the light, he added, "Don't be scared."

        "You try not being scared. You got any furniture following you around?"

        Sam stifled a chuckle. "Can't say that I do."

        "Smartass." Without knowing it, Meredith gave him some of the information that he needed to keep up his charade that he had actually watched the film. "That little girl was trapped inside it. Banging on the doors of the china cabinet. How am I supposed to not be spooked by that? You saw her face."

        "You shoulda just turned over and gone to sleep. Ignored it."

        Meredith, rolling her eyes and scoffing into the phone, snapped, "Have you or have you not been dealing with this thing the last week?"

        "Okay, okay, I'm on my way."

        The china cabinet suddenly moved a few inches across the hardwood floor for no other reason than to remind Meredith that it was still there. The wheezy scraping sound startled her so bad that she jumped and stumbled a foot across the floor, squealing. "Shit, goddamn! It moved!"

        "Where'd it - "

        "Just hurry and get over here, please! Quick, Sam!"

        The hysteria was back in her voice, and just when he thought he'd calmed her down a bit. "I'm just about to leave."

        Tabby took a long drag off the joint. "She's completely freaking out." She watched Meredith, panting with fear and staring at the empty space in front of the big window, and then handed the rolled cigarette to her companion. "You don't have to stay if you don't want to. It's really late."

        Brady ran his fingers through her long, wavy black hair. "That's okay. I kinda want to see how this ends up." He also wanted to know if the "Sam" Meredith had been speaking to was Sam Winchester. His buddy.

        Letting out a brief snicker, Tabby leaned on him. "And they say I should stop doing drugs."

it won't stop

The Ringu series is (c) 1998 The Ring/The Spiral Production Group. It is based on the novels by Koji Suzuki. My fanfic is more based on ideas presented in the films, which were created by director Hideo Nakata and screenwriter Hiroshi Takahashi.
The motion picture The Ring is (c) 2002 DreamWorks Pictures. The title "She Just Wanted to Be Heard" comes from a line of dialogue spoken by Rachel Keller in this movie. The motion picture The Ring Two is (c) 2005 DreamWorks Pictures. This fanfic is heavily inspired by ideas presented in the American movies, which were directed by Gore Verbinski and Hideo Nakata and written by Ehren Kruger.
I do not know if the prequel, The Ring 3, will have any bearing on this story or not until I see it.
Supernatural is (c) 2005 Kripke Enterprises, Wonderland, & Warner Brothers/The CW Television.
Everything else is (c) Demented Stuff.

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