Day 5: Finding Out

She Just Wanted to Be Heard
Day 5: Finding Out
Part of Story Arc 1: Counterclockwise
A "The Ring/Ringu" Fanfic
by Laurel (Sailorhathor)

Chapters: 5 of 100
Rating: Sup13+ (some elements might be too intense or scary for those under 13; includes bad language)
Dates: Begun September 2006. Some material is based on previously written stories from 2003-2005.
Word Count: 3,474
Summary: Quinn, Svet, and Jodie use the Internet to find out more about the videotape. They stumble upon someone very familiar with it: Vanessa. Unfortunately for Jolene, she begins experiencing the effects of the tape also in the form of hallucinations.
Warning: Contains spoilers for the entire Ringu and The Ring series.
Beta Thanks: Thanks, as always, to KaijaWest and Meredevachon for putting up with me.
Fanfic Challenges: Fits [info]50_darkfics Prompt #5 Lost Haven and [info]Coclaim100 Prompt #5 Discussions.
Author's Notes: Vanessa is a character from the short film "Rings," which was used as a promotional bridge between the first movie and the second. The hot blond with the shotgun is Dean Winchester, a character from the show Supernatural. The dream that Quinn describes about running through quicksand to escape aliens is an actual dream that I had once, heheh.
I just wanted to put the note in here that I have made my final decision on the time period of this fanfic - it starts in March 2004. I was having trouble deciding because the movies put The Ring Two as happening six months after The Ring. But then, the promotional website for Ring Two set Jake's death at early 2005. (Jake being the kid who died at the beginning of the movie.) This was just a distortion of the website, done because that's when the movie was set to be released. They couldn't very well say Jake died in 2003 when the actual year was 2005. For the sake of this fanfic, though, time can be set back. So, that's what I'm going to do. It works much better for my purposes for the story to start in early 2004.

        As she stood near Quinn's doorway with the phone to her ear, Jodie marveled over how easily he switched from one mood to another. When he'd come home, he and Svetlana had been wide-eyed and freaked out over something that had happened at the park. Now, Quinn was lying on his bedroom floor, playing with his dog. Mukluk stood over him while Quinn scratched the pooch behind the ears and rubbed his sides, fluffing up his already puffy fur. Jodie thought it must be her ex's trademark habit of deflecting the truth and going into a state of denial.

        "Hey, Mukkie. Hey you old shoe," Quinn said in a cutesy voice. "Are you a good dog? Hm? You a good doggie?"

        Mukluk responded by licking his face.

        Jodie, shaking her head, went back to her telephone call. "How can Quinn and Svet be having these awful nightmares and you get nothing, Mom?"

        Jolene had taken a few minutes away from her latest patient to take her daughter's call. Timmy Wharton sat in the chair with a look of trepidation on his face, not sure if he liked having his visit delayed or not. After all, it was a dental appointment, and he was only nine. Many would be surprised to know that the trampy blonde in the bar hanging around with all the roughnecks was a dentist Monday through Friday, but everyone had to work somewhere, and some led exciting double lives. "I don't know, sweetie," Jolene replied, giving Timmy a little wave. "I'm telling ya, I haven't had any bad dreams. Tell Quinn he's just a wimp."

        Jodie had to snicker. "Alright. Let us know if you have any, okay? And bring the tape back after work today."


        "Oh, how did everyone react at the party?"

        Now Jolene snickered. "You should have seen their faces when all their cells rang at the same time. Most of them thought it was pretty cool. One chick had Hollister scramble for a blank tape so she could make a copy for her brother. Said her bro was into freaky art films. Ah, Misty and Shannon. You know them, right?"

        "Yeah, Misty, the dark-haired girl and her brother with the chick's name."

        Snickering again, Jolene said, "Yeah." She saw Timmy looking at her. "Honey, I gotta go. There's a patient waiting for me."

        "Don't hurt him too bad, Mom." They both chuckled and said their good-byes. Jodie looked at Quinn, then Svetlana, who was sitting at the desk in front of his computer. "No bad dreams."

        Slumping, Svetlana wondered, "How can that be?"

        "You're both wimps," Jodie answered with a laugh.

        After hanging up the phone, Jolene went back to her patient, immediately trying to reassure him. "Hi, Timmy. Remember, you're just here for a checkup and cleaning, okay?" She didn't mention any words like "drill" or "tooth extraction."

        Jolene's dental assistant stood by with a small smile on her face.

        The boy nodded. "I know, Dr. Searling."

        "Okay, then just sit back and relax." She squeezed Timmy's arm lightly. "Now, I'm about to say something very cliche' for a dentist, but it must be said." Jolene grinned. "Open wide."

        Jolene saw the boy grin, and then he opened his mouth. But she no longer saw him after that. Instead, she saw the human-like creature from the video, its intestines being pulled from its open mouth. In fact, her dental assistant was holding the intestines, doing the pulling. Jolene let out a disgusted scream and jumped back off her rolling stool. The tray of instruments next to her toppled over, followed by the sounds of many metal items clattering to the tile floor.

        "Dr. Searling?" the assistant said, still holding on to the wet string of organs.

        Panting, Jolene closed her eyes tightly for several seconds. When she dared to open them again, everything was back to normal, and the assistant and Timmy were looking at her with confusion all over their faces.

        "Dr. Searling? Are you okay?" the assistant asked again, now holding an innocent file with Timmy's name on it.

        Inside, Jolene thought, "I'm not so sure," but on the outside, she just tried to recover without anyone thinking she had a mental problem. "Uhh... I'm fine. I just thought I saw a bug on the counter over there. But, now I see it's just a paperclip."

        Timmy began to laugh. "You're a grownup! Grownups aren't supposed to be afraid of anything."

        The assistant laughed along with him, humoring the child. Up until this moment, Jolene had liked to believe she wasn't afraid of anything, but now...

        Across town, in Quinn's room, Svetlana turned back to the computer. "Did your mother remember the address of the website?"

        Jodie shook her head. "Google 'cursed tape' or something. We'll find it."

        By the time Svetlana found the good stuff, Quinn was off the floor and sitting next to her, reading through the sites too. Jodie stood beside the desk, looking over Svet's shoulder, while Mukluk just sat and watched them all, occasionally trolling for strokes and scritches behind the ears. "Let me get this straight. People watch this tape on purpose to experience the nightmares for themselves, using it in some twisted way to get high?" said Quinn incredulously.

        "Looks that way," replied Jodie. "Also looks like some people hallucinate as well, and are able to take freaky pictures of what they see." She glanced at a few photographs in the picture gallery. "Have you guys checked this thing yet, about being marked in pictures?"

        Quinn and Svetlana looked at each other before he grabbed the digital camera off the bedside table and handed it to Jodie. "Scan the last few pics."

        She did. Jodie's brow furrowed deeply. "What the hell is going on here?"

        The two sitting in front of the computer had no answer. Quinn pointed at one of the pictures that had been uploaded by a visitor to the message board. "Am I understanding this correctly? These people claim to have hallucinated these things, and taken pictures of them?"

        "Yup," replied Jodie. "That's what it says right here." She pointed to it on the monitor.

        "Are you fucking kidding me? You can't take a picture of a hallucination," said Quinn in protest of the claim.

        Jodie shrugged. "You can't make people dream the same thing at the same time, either."

        "Touché," Svetlana chuckled.

        Quinn saw a possible ray of hope in figuring this thing out. "Why don't we put up a post on the message board and see if anyone will answer? After all, they've all watched the tape and gotten through their seven days, right?"

        Everyone thought that was a good idea; not like they had any others. Ten minutes after Quinn had posted his plea for information, he received an Instant Message.

        Vanessa7days: Who watched the tape?

        Quinn looked up when he heard the IM sound, and stopped playing with Mukluk long enough to go back to the computer. Svetlana and Jodie also renewed their attention.

        Quinnster65: A bunch of people. Who is this?

        Vanessa7days: Vanessa, from Astoria, Oregon. I've seen the tape. What have you seen?

        Quinn told her about their nightmares. Does any of this ring a bell? he typed.

        There was a pause before Vanessa replied.

        Vanessa7days: Which tape did you watch?

        The three friends reeled. "Which tape?! Is she kidding?" said Quinn.

        "There's more than one?"

        Quinn typed Jodie's question.

        Vanessa7days: Hell yes. Do you know which tape?

        Quinn gave it some thought, and replied, We don't know. Is the blond guy in the second dream at all familiar?

        Vanessa7days: I don't know, I'd have to see him.

        Turning to Svet, Quinn said, "I know you haven't done it in a while, but the times I've seen you draw, you were pretty good at it. Especially portraits."

        She just shrugged. "And?"

        "Can you draw the guy for us? We could scan it."

        Svetlana nodded. "I could try."

        While she began her pencil drawing of the man with the shotgun, Quinn continued his conversation with Vanessa.

        Vanessa7days: You sure there's nothing else about your dreams that could tell me which tape it was?

        Vanessa was too excited to think clearly; all she had to do was get Quinn to describe some of the tape's imagery and she'd know which one it was. But she had a live one here! He knew nothing about the videotapes. Nothing. Guaranteed Day 7! Score!

        It took several seconds, but Quinn's mind finally clicked into place on the matter. You know how I said my sister was in the dream? She said Samara. That we belonged to Samara now.

        Vanessa7days: Oh.

        "That's it?" Quinn and Jodie said together.

        Quinnster65: That's all you've got to say?

        The amount of time it took Vanessa to reply made Quinn uneasy. Like she was choosing her words carefully. What else do you want me to say? she finally answered.

        Quinnster65: What's going on here?

        Vanessa7days: You'll have to figure it out for yourselves like the rest of us had to.

        Quinnster65: You can't even throw us a bone?

        He secretly wished he was there with this girl, in person. At least then, Quinn could attempt to charm the information out of her.

        She eventually replied.

        Vanessa7days: Tell you what. You document the stuff you see, and upload your drawings and pictures to the website, and I'll tell you things that will help you figure it out.

        They looked at each other, happy to receive some sort of clue.

        Quinnster65: You got it. What can you tell us?

        After twenty seconds or so, Vanessa said, Find Samara Morgan.

        That they did. Two hours later, Svetlana had finished her drawing and even doodled a couple other faces at the bottom of the page, and they had at least some of their answers. There were several helpful articles, but the most helpful had been written by a reporter at the Seattle Post Intelligencer, who had gotten the exclusive full scoop from another reporter named Rachel Keller. Quinn sensed a real reluctance from this Keller woman to tell the story; she had even left the newspaper and moved somewhere else after the incident in question. But, the bare bones of the story had been told.

        Rachel and a friend, a photographer named Noah Clay, had found the body of a child in an old well that was out of use. Samara Morgan. Eight years old when she disappeared, in 1978. Samara's parents had reported her missing, but the whole time, they knew where she was. Samara's remains proved that she had suffered blunt force trauma to the head shortly before she was thrown into the well, where she succumbed at some point after.

        Rachel claimed that Anna Morgan, Samara's mother, had attacked Samara, trying to suffocate her with a plastic garbage bag and striking her in the head with a loose stone from the well's rim before tipping her limp body into the darkness of the well. When asked how she knew this, Rachel replied that Richard Morgan, the child's father, had confessed it.

        Right before he committed suicide in front of her.

        Most of what Rachel had said in that article was true, but this part was a lie. Rachel knew what had happened to Samara because Samara's ghost showed it to her. The part about Richard Morgan was, unfortunately for him, only partially true. He had not confessed anything to Rachel Keller, but he had killed himself in front of her.

        Anna Morgan could not pay for her crime because she, too, had committed suicide, in the late 70's. Apparently, her guilt over what she had done to Samara caught up with her.

        Do you know what I did to my daughter?

        You will.

        There was nothing in the article about how Rachel and Noah were tipped off as to the location of the well that held Samara Morgan's body, which was not on Morgan Ranch property. (A rental cabin had been built on top of the well near Shelter Mountain many years ago.) Perhaps Richard Morgan told them. But Quinn and the others thought they knew how.

        "It's the tape," Quinn said. His good mood had completely dissolved. He looked quite upset at the realization that this couldn't all be wished away, that something very real had happened to some little girl he didn't even know, and they were now a part of it. The tape was not fictional. It was about an actual murder. And they were dreaming about it. The tape was having physical effects on them, effects that could only be described as supernatural, and they had no idea how to stop it. The safety of denial was partially lost to Quinn now. "The reporter and her friend, they saw the tape. It's all about Samara. Her mom's on it, and a bunch of scenes from her life, and..."

        "The place where she die," Svetlana finished.

        "Right." Quinn swallowed hard. "They followed the tape to the end. They found Samara. So why is the tape still going around? Whoever made it, don't they know that Samara's been found?"

        "I just want to know who made it in the first place," Jodie commented. She had that gleam in her eye, the one that said she was too interested in this to let it go until she got her own questions answered. It was like a good murder mystery. "What were they trying to accomplish? How much did they know? I mean, they had to know how Samara died, and where. So why didn't they tell the cops?"

        "I don't know, but... maybe he does." Quinn pointed to the drawing Svetlana had made of the man with the shotgun. "He seemed to be trying to protect us from the girl in the well. From Samara." Now that he knew her real name, he might as well use it. "He shot her in the face."

        Svetlana took her feet off the desk and sat up; she'd gotten comfortable while drawing. "About that - why he shoot her? This girl, she's a ghost, right? I mean, she's been dead for more than 25 years. How do you shoot a ghost in the face?"

        No one had an answer. "Let's scan this drawing and send it to the message board. Maybe someone there will recognize him."

        Once Quinn had started scanning the image, Svetlana pointed to the doodles at the bottom of the page. "Crop those out, okay?"

        Quinn glanced at the scanned image, and at the faces at the bottom. The expression on his face was unreadable. "Of course."

        Jodie leaned over Quinn's shoulder to better examine the drawing he was scanning. "Woo, damn, Svetlana, either you're an incredible artist or that guy you two saw in your dream is smoking hot."

        Svetlana had to grin. "Yeah. Whoever he is, he's pretty good looking. He can save me anytime."

        "I hope once I watch the tape that I dream about him too," Jodie added. "And you know what kind of dreams I mean..."

        The two girls shared a laugh. Quinn's expression became troubled at the thought of Jodie watching the tape. After the dreams he'd experienced, he wasn't sure he wanted anyone else to see it.

        Quinn uploaded the image to his Photobucket account and then posted it on the message board, asking people whether or not they recognized the guy. No one seemed to know him, although one girl thought he was as cute as some actor who had been on the show Dark Angel.

        "Why you not just go round?" Svetlana cryptically asked. She had put her feet up on the desk again and resumed drawing.


        "In the dream. The guy told you to arm yourself, and you saw the other gun and lean over the well to grab it. Why didn't you just walk round to that side of the well?"

        Quinn looked frustrated. "It was a dream, Svetlana."


        "So you can control everything that happens in your dreams?"

        She thought about it. "I guess not..."

        "You don't ever do anything stupid in dreams, like run right through the quicksand while the aliens are chasing you?" Quinn continued with some annoyance.

        "I don't know, I guess I do."

        "You have nightmares about aliens?" Jodie asked.

        "Sometimes. I don't know. What are you guys getting on my case for? It was a freakin' dream."

        "There was no way you were ever going to be able to reach the gun that way," Svetlana teasingly pressed, knowing she was just making him mad.


        "You just make it easy for Samara to grab you."

        Quinn instinctively touched his wrist. "Yeah, yeah."

        Seeing something, Jodie reached over and pushed up Quinn's sleeve. He didn't expect her to do that, and looked at her in surprise. "Quinn... what the fuck is this? The ghost touched you, and it left a mark?"

        All he could do was nod.

        "You didn't tell me that." Jodie wasn't sure if she should be excited or scared by the mark. On one hand, it was so cool, like some effects-laden horror movie. On the other, Quinn had a handprint burned into his arm!

        Quinn grabbed a bandanna from his closet and began to tie it around his wrist to hide the mark. When he sat back down, he received another IM from Vanessa.

        Vanessa7days: I don't recognize the guy. But wow, hot!

        Svetlana and Jodie exchanged amused looks.

        Vanessa7days: Just keep posting your pics to the message board, okay? I'm sure someone will figure out who the guy is before the week is up.

        Quinn typed back a question with a little bit of a shake in his hands.

        Quinnster65: Vanessa, what happens at the end of seven days?

        Vanessa7days: Did you find Samara?

        Looking at Svetlana, then back at the computer screen, Quinn typed, Yes, we found her.

        Vanessa7days: At the end of seven days, Samara finds you.

it won't stop

The Ringu series is (c) 1998 The Ring/The Spiral Production Group. It is based on the novels by Koji Suzuki.
The motion picture The Ring is (c) 2002 DreamWorks Pictures. The title "She Just Wanted to Be Heard" comes from a line of dialogue spoken by Rachel Keller in this movie. The motion picture The Ring Two is (c) 2005 DreamWorks Pictures.
I do not know if the prequel, The Ring 3, will have any bearing on this story or not until I see it.
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