Tristan Hauser (Adam Baldwin)

Tristan Hauser
Live Action Model: Actor Adam Baldwin

Tristan is the cousin of Rowan and Cheyenne Bloodworth and Rowan's personal assistant/bodyguard. He is the child of one of Bill Bloodworth's sisters. He shows a great deal of loyalty toward Rowan and Cheyenne, as he was practically raised with them before the psychic experiments began. In fact, Tristan would defend them with his life.

He is aware of his family's supernatural history, including the things that Cheyenne does not currently know.

(There is history behind the name Tristan Hauser unrelated to what I'm doing with the character here, so I thought I should explain it. Tristan Hauser was a character in my RPG, The Search for Outer Planet Intelligence, whose brothers were assassins and serial killers. Tristan had been raised separately, so he didn't turn out as messed up as them. I created the character, my friend Karen played him, and she suggested the name Tristan (I think?). Adam Baldwin was designated as a great live action model for Tristan's brother, Muni, but I'm using him here for Tristan because I need someone who looks big and intimidating, but also believably warm and loving toward family. I don't believe that much of this history will be useful for Tristan in this incarnation, I just felt it would be important to note it here.)

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