Vanessa Runion
Played By Actress Alexandra Breckenridge

I don't know what Vanessa's last name was in the film because they never mentioned it. For the purposes of this fanfic, I have given her the last name Runion (pronounced Run-yun, like Onion with an R at the beginning).

Vanessa appears in the short film "Rings," which served as a promotional bridge between the first American movie and the second. She is a college student who takes part in a "club" where students watch Samara's cursed videotape on purpose and see how long they can last as Samara mentally tortures them for a week. It gives them a special kind of high to do this.

**SPOILER** Vanessa reveals just how ruthless she can be in obtaining this high as she is instrumental in making sure that Jake (played by actor Ryan Merriman) reaches his seventh day. You could say that she was partially responsible for Jake's death.

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there really is a tape